Playstation 3 bundle for Sale...approved by site.

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    PlayStation 3 Drakes Fortune Edition
    upgraded to 250GB Hard Drive from 160GB
    1 dual shock 3 wireless controller
    1 gigaware ps3 dual controller charger

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance Rated T
    Haze Rated M
    Need For Speed Pro Street Rated E
    Blazing Angels Rated T
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma Rated M
    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 Rated T
    Soulcalibur IV Rated T
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Rated T
    Cross Edge Rated T
    Sonic The Hedgehog Rated E
    Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Rated E
    Alone in the Dark: Inferno Rated M
    Battlefield: Bad Company Rated T
    Enchanted Arms Rated T
    Grand Theft Auto IV Rated M

    The larger Hard drive allows for more saved games and more downloadable content

    Selling this whole bundle for $450 and will donate $25 of this to Conduct Disorders site for allowing me to do this. This has been approved by Cheryl. I was thinking this might be a good Christmas present for one of our teens on the board. All of the games have been played by my son and they work.
  2. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member