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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by redhots, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. redhots

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    Hi...I have a 5 year old son recently diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. My neurologist prescribed Abilify to treat his anxiety issues, and outbursts. All the info I can find is for kids 10 and up. Has anyone had any experience with this medication? I am frightened by the warnings. Please advise!!
  2. jal

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    My son is 5 1/2 and has been on 7.5 mg of Abilify since last year. He has not experienced any side effects other than the fact that anytime the psychiatrist has tried to increase he gets aggitated. He has done pretty well at 7.5 consistently.
  3. redhots

    redhots PJ's mom

    Thank you! So good to hear, this is all so new, I am unsure about so many things!
  4. jal

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    I know it is scary. For some reason my signature isn't popping up on my end, but my difficult child is also on Depakote, Staterra and Tenex. Luckily, no adverse reactions to any. The only time we did have a side effect was when he trialed Risperdal.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    We have often had to try medications that were not approved for someone the age of my difficult child at the time. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of clinical trials for psychiatric medications for kids... or medications for kids in general. No one wants to subject a growing, developing person to the potential side effects of a drug -- there are real risks. Then again, there are real risks for not treating illness -- mental or physical. So psychiatrists and md's have to walk a fine line and use their best judgement.
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    Welcome. I'm glad you found us.

    I'm a little confused. You say your difficult child was diagnosed with ODD and ADHD, yet the neuro is prescribing Abilify for anxiety. Why isn't your difficult child diagnosed with anxiety? Or is it possible all of the symptoms fit under a bigger umbrella diagnosis? What kind of doctor gave these dxes? What behaviors are you seeing that concern you? If you give us a little more info, we might be able to point you in the right direction.
  7. redhots

    redhots PJ's mom

    Along with some "typical" ADHD symptoms, has been exhibiting bouts of rage, has become physically aggressive with me and dad, also has several symptoms of ODD. He worries somewhat excessively about things like smoke detectors going off, car alarms, claims he sees things in his room at night that terrify him. Has never been a sleeper, wakes up several times at night, can't get himself back to sleep. Has trouble self soothing. The Abilify was prescribed by a Neurologist, to help him smooth out some of the anxiety issues. I think he falls into different categories, not necessarily neatly into either. We are going to see a pediatrician. psychiatrist next week, and the hope is they will work together to medicate. He also will be starting Concerta in 2 weeks. Had to back him off
    Clonidine, did not want to over medication all at once. I hope that is a little more helpful info. Thanks!
  8. Sara PA

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    Concerta and all the other stims should not be given to people with anxiety issues. Anxiety is a very common side effect for the stimulants, even caffeine let alone the amphetamines/amphetamine like ones. Putting an anxious child on a major tranquilizer (aka antipsychotic) before adding a stimulant doesn't sound like a good plan to me.

    Did the neurologist do any tests, like an EEG?
  9. jal

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    Abilify was prescribed for our ghg's rages. It has had no effect on his anxiety though.
  10. hopeful2

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    Hi, I'm new but just wound my daughter off Abilify after 4 mos. She is 8, somewhat diagnosed with ODD and maybe somewhat Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Adopted at birth, then we lost her Dad to cancer at 3.5. She is also sensory sensitive - was able to get her some hearing therapy that was wonderous for her fight/flight syndrome and is going to Occupational Therapist (OT). It's been hellish, but we've been eking out progress. It took me 4 yrs to be talked into drugs for her.

    I don't think it did much for her and it's a heavy-duty drug. I am looking into some others, but am really reluctant (although I may need to go on something!

    She is not ADD or ADHD, so am not familiar with drug interactions for these. But you need to watch out for potential of weight gain. We started her out on 2mg, then you dbl the dose as you go. She got up to 10mg, but no real difference. Explosive tantrums, anger, impulsivity continued.

    Sorry for the long answer. I believe that in my case it's a lot of behavior mod, especially in my realm. I feel like a prezzle with all the things I've tried and have much anger and frustration with having to continually try to modify my behavior, but we're also locked into some patterns. She is beginning to trust me and understand love again, but it's a gruelling battle to continue to eke out that progress.

    No easy answers, but one thing I'd say is to trust your gut and if you don't think a doctor, therapist, whatever is helpful after giving them a good chance, then move on. At some point you'll find a good fit.

    Best of luck to you!