Please find your difficult child and hold them close-UPDATE


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No matter what they have done and how badly they irritate you on any given day, find them right this very minute and hold them close and remember just how much you love them.

One of my sons distant cousins - a huge difficult child in his own right - age 25, is on life support right now. He was drunk and dove into the river this afternoon in front of his 9 year old daughter and tons of his friends. He basically died right then and people pulled him out and tried to revive him but he had broken his neck. They performed cpr until the ambulance came.

Cory just got taken to the hospital because he was told Ryan was on life support.

He is very upset. This is the second adult difficult child to be killed or almost killed in less than a month that is from our street. Cory keeps saying things come in threes and he may be next. He is very shaken because where this accident happened, he was jumping in the river just the day before.

Please remember to hug your child every day because they can be taken from us at anytime. We just never know. I really wasnt overly fond of this boy because he was a bad influence but I really never want anything this awful to happen to anyone. My heart breaks for him and his family and that poor little girl.


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I'm so sorry for whats happened!! We really don't appreciate how fleeting, fragile, and precious our lives -and those of out loved ones are- unless something happens. One phone call can change our lives forever. I try to be a good person, and I do seize every day. All we have is time really. easy child's won't let me hug them! -(((hugs))) to you and your family.-Alyssa


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Yes, Janet - I will hug my difficult child will all my might - we just never know.

I am SO sorry for you and Cory...and, of course, his thoughts will be with you.


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I'm so sorry this is happening to your extended family. Please accept my prayers for this cousin, his little girl and Cory.


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Thanks everyone.

Ryan is being life flighted to Duke so maybe there is some hope. Cory is clinging to that hope. He is adamant that Ryan will pull through in some shape or form and that Cory will be there for him come thick or thin. Im not as optimistic.


Oh gosh how horrible. So many sad difficult child stories, I wish we could hear more happy endings for difficult child's.

Prayers to this boy and his family. And prayers for Corey.


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sorry this tragedy has happened to your extended family.

And, I do hug my children close every single day. I never forget the blessing my kids are to me - in the tough times and the good - and never a day goes by when I don't tell them that I love them.

I will keep Ryan and the family in my prayers.


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I'm so sorry. I'll be saying a prayers for Cory's cousin and the little girl, as well as the whole family.

What a tragedy.


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I am so sorry for this further sorrow Janet. Please tell Cory lots of folks are praying for Ryan.

I saw difficult child yesterday and I always tell him that I love him. He never says anything back. He is and probably always will be upset that we sent him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). He has told others he will never forgive us and more specifically me. However, I love him very much.


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sad/ this stuff has happened since I can remember. one boy did this when we were kids and lived a long life in a wheelchair afterwards.


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Sending prayers your way. I remember a spot in our lives when many of my oldest difficult child's friends had died of overdoses. It's just so sad.


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Sending a prayer your family's way. I have been there done that so there is not
a single day that I don't hug my boys. DDD


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We heard from the hospital and Ryan is at Duke. It appears that he is going to be paralyzed from somewhere either chest or waist area down. He has some arm movement. I dont know how much breathing he is doing on his own or if he is able to talk. There is no news on brain injury yet. I imagine it is too soon to tell about that.

They are saying that he will be there at least three months or more. Cory is planning on going to Duke over the weekend to visit. Cory is pleased that he is at Duke because that hospital operated on him when he was 4 and did a magnificent job. Its the best place he can be.


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I'm a bit late in posting on this thread. So sorry to hear that this happened at all. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. After reading your update, it sounds as if things are going relatively better. Beads will be rattling that things continue to improve.