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    I need to know if anyone can give me samples of behavior modification plans for adhd and conduct disorder to put into the IEP. I am interested in learning what modifications some o fyou have used that work. My soon is 14. This year has been very challenging! I am at a loss right now as to what I need to do to try to help him. The school has not been helpful to say the least. He gets punished for things that I feel are beyond his control. Like not staying on task and forgetting assignments and not remaining in his seat and not being quiet. All symptoms of the diagnosis.
    He does have problems with disrespect though! This is one of the more serious problems he has. Just refusing to do what the teacher asks and being defiant. Thank you for all of your help and suggestions. Anything is appreciated right now. I am so out of answers at this point.
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    I think there ares some in the Special Education archives forum. I'm off to work and don't have more time- others will come along and offer more suggestions-
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    What is your child's diagnosis? That would help steer us in the right direction to help you. Having a child who is defiant is extremely difficult. Others don't understand; neighbors, teachers, your friends, their friends, family, etc. It IS a disability and don't let anyone tell you any different.

    You difficult child needs an IEP which will help with the organizational problems. When a child is the age of yours (and mine is 12) all persons think they should be over the UNorganized part. NOT! Your difficult child sounds hyper and that could be something he can't help. My difficult child canNOT sit still....many times he can't even when he's medicated. Along with an IEP which could get the teachers to help him be more organized, he may need a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). Make your request of the school in a written letter sent to them by certified mail. That will begin your path to help.