Please keep Dude in your prayers

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Star*, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    We got a call late Sunday night. Dude (once again) was hit while riding a bicycle by a car. This will make the third (or would have) hit and run in a year and a half.

    His friends ran this guy down. UNBELIEVEABLY - this guy hit two more parked cars, and nearly wiped out an intersection of pedestrians. There were scads of witnesses and finally the kid rear ended a car coming to a stop. Dude has injuries while not life threatening, but has a tire imprint over his tennis shoe and several scrapes, bruises and non-life threatening injuries. He refuesed medical treatment at the scene but went later at his friends and parents urging.

    Oh and the kid? Was cited, given tickets and let go. WTH? Everyone at the scene was in total shock and outraged, and asked the officer WHY this kid wasn't handcuffed and led to jail. The officer replied - "Well he would have to go to court anyway, and he would have just had his Mom and Dad bond him out."

    Are you serious? Not sure what, and don't know police procedure, but you can bet if MY kid had hit someone riding a bike, tried to flee, wrecked into 2 parked cars, nearly swiped a zone of pedestrians with witnesses, and then hit a parked car? He'd be under the jail NOT just getting a slap and some tickets. Dude as well as us are furious. The driver was NOT breathalized either.

    Something smells, any law enforcement care to answer this one?

    I mean he's gotten hit TWICE now by hit and runs - (even once by a city bus) and it's just lah te dah! - WTH?
  2. DaisyFace

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    Poor Dude!

    I hope he took photos of tire prints across his feet and gets copies of all his medical records and SUES THE PANTS OFF THAT KID and/or his family!
  3. Mom2oddson

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    I'm glad Dude wasn't seriously hurt! His Guardian Angels have been working overtime.

    Shaking my head at the stupidity of the officer.... something has to be up. Maybe he knew the kid or his familly. Or they have some very relaxed laws in that town.
  4. Hound dog

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    Dunno Star. All I can say is when easy child's friend hit me with the truck, he only got a few tickets. Now if I wanted him to go to jail......I had to press charges......police officer mentioned attempted vehicular manslaughter or some such while I was filling out the report after being discharged from hospital......other charges too......but that one sort of hit me over the head as with this kid at least is was an accident.

    In Dude circumstance? The guy would still be sitting in jail. Too many witnesses to play it down. See the news got wind of this guy whom the courts kept letting get away with drunk a zillion times. It pretty much changed their attitudes.

    So glad Dude is ok, and I'll certainly pray for him. I think the boy is secretly a cat with 9 lives.

  5. AnnieO

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    Lots of prayers... Sounds like Dude is OK if sore... But seriously. They should have done a bit more than that - hello, the damage to the other cars alone... I hope more is done. UGH!!!

    (And I am glad he seems to be a cat...)
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    When he called last night? He was told by the officer that he didn't really have a case????? (to explain - one of his friends said "He's going to sue the #$ out of you)

    We were like? WTH? We think the officer KNEW the kid - 1.) No breathalizer, 2.) Let him go without arrest 3.) All the damage he did, a hit and run and it's not called a hit and run? Nearly wipes out an intersection full of pedestrians !?

    We told Dude we thought he should get an attorney. He's very sore this morning. Trying to explain to a difficult child that they have worth and they are valuable people after they feel their whole lives like they are second class citizens? Makes it a little difficult. Dude also didn't want to get this kid into trouble because he knows how that is. We explained the kid is already IN trouble. Big trouble. Him getting himself medical help isn't going to hurt anyone - just taking care of himself. Wow - never saw that one coming.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Does sound like the officer knew the kid or his family. Would have to be the case as when pedestrians are hit......and good grief he nearly creamed a lot more......police don't mess around.

    We have some of that going on here, but cops have to be careful when they do it due to witnesses......after that huge story hit the news. People don't put up with that sort of junk now. The attempted vehicular manslaughter was only one on a list of charges I could've filed against the boy.

    Yup would be a great idea if Dude gets a lawyer and sues the hiney off this kid. But cops' reaction makes me wonder if police report wasn't "modified" to keep the kid out of trouble too. ugh
  8. Nancy

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    Wow that makes no sense. Even when some lady rear ended me last week she got cited, and it wasn't really her fault, some guy turned abruptly right in front of us and she couldn't stop. I'm glad he is ok, but it seems like our difficult child's never get a break.

  9. DramaQueenLucy

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    I'll keep Dude in my prayers. Sheesh there is something that smells funny to me about the whole situation. Why can't charges be filed? The guy hit him and there is evidence!
  10. busywend

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    Major healing vibes going out to Dude!

    Sounds like this kid is friends with someone high up.
  11. shellyd67

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    Wishing Dude a speedy recovery and some justice !!!!
  12. DDD

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    Boy, you're heart must have stopped! I'm so glad Dude is ok. Regarding "justice is blind" issue, you and everyone in the family knows my take on that! I'll spare you the repetitions. Sad. DDD
  13. KTMom91

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    Hugs and prayers going out, Star. Hope Dude heals quickly.
  14. Call a journalist at the local newspaper. Two things can happen:

    1) You are tolk that the kids is from an family with influence in the local community and the case has to go
    2) The questions will get the case going.

    I will pray for a speedy full recovery.
  15. HereWeGoAgain

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    Get well soon to Dude.

    Something's up with the policeman and the kid, for sure.
  16. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Wow, that's just incredible! He should try and gather up some witnesses and see if they can't all sue! Glad he's no worse for the wear~
  17. 1905

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    Calling the newspaper is a good idea! I had a positive experience after the police wouldn't do anything. My friend used to always look on-line at sex offenders in our neighborhood- well one just happened to be a basketball coach in our kids PAL basketball league (Police Athletic League). I told them thinking they just didn't know, and they didn't care!!! Hello, he still could coach them? So,....I contacted the newspaper! They ran a whole story and not only was this revealed to everyone, but now all parent volunteers have to get a background check. A grant from the Megan Kanka foundation pays for them all! (Yeah me!)

    Anyway, the cop maybe knew the kid who hit Dude, difficult child has a friend constantly being pulled over for drunken driving, the dad is a cop and the other cops call daddy and he comes to get the kid from the side of the road. I hope Dude is ok!!! Why should Dude be treated like a second-class citizen? I'm sure if that cops' family member was hit by Dude it would be a different story! Go to the boss! Justice for Dude!!!!
  18. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Guest

    Sending healing vibes Dude's way!!! Definitely sounds like some thing is up....I would push it.

    Out here there was a hit and run and the lady that was hit called in to one of the radio stations here on the morning show and gave a full description. They found the guy that day!
  19. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Healing vibes to Dude. And yes, get it in the media and have them request witnesses come forward, he'll need as many of them as possible. Local TV news will reach more people, but paper isn't a bad start. Check the area and see if there are any business or traffic cameras that might have caught some of what happened. And you never know, someone might have filmed some of it on a cell phone.
  20. elizabrary

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    I'm glad Dude is ok, and sorry there are additional problems- geez, these kids can never get a break when they need one. When we were going through the domestic violence thing with-Kat we also hit a brick wall. Of course the police had been called numerous times and then she would drop the charges or not show up for court. However, the last time BD actually took the baby from Kat and took off running with her. He also threatened Kat and pushed and shoved her while he was holding the baby. She (smartly) ran towards the police station and started screaming outside of it. When the police came out they basically gave her back the baby and sent him on his way. I was livid. I e-mailed the chief of police and our local prosecutor. I did get results from that. They put one specific officer on the case who pulled everything together and he met with-Kat and explained everything. When BD caught up with her at a later time and hit her and took her cell phone and broke her Ipod a warrant was immediately issued, his visitation was terminated by the judge in an emergency order and he was (at last) charged with a felony. You might try contacting your police chief and prosecutor and explaining the situation. I did play the whole domestic violence card, so you might try the driving while intoxicated (most likely he was) thing. I think if you can mention a specific issue that is a hot button it lights a fire under them. They get scared you'll sue them or something or go to the press. I also used my work email so they didn't think I was some dumb loser trying to get over on the government. They might not have thought that anyway, but whatever makes it look better. I hope you get some action on this- it's not right!