Please, not again!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by meowbunny, Jan 30, 2008.

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    There's a new server at Applebee's. This guy is hitting on all the waitresses. My daughter thinks he's sleaze. Or so the story went for the first 3 minutes when she got home last night.

    In the very next breath, she says they're looking for a roommate. According to her, "the other guy is probably just like this jerk." Okay, no problem so far. She's not falling into the old trap of moving in with some other kids, which then means she'll end up losing her job, getting kicked out, etc. RIGHT????

    WRONG!!!!!! The next words out of her mouth are MY share would be $350 and I'd get my own bathroom and bedroom. I have to decide within the next 3 weeks.

    She doesn't like this guy, doesn't really know this guy and is considering sharing an apartment with him and his buddy?

    I want her to move out and be independent. I just want it to be a sane and at least semi-safe move. She had some concrete plans what she was going to do in August and was working towards those goals. They'll all be tossed out the window and it will be back to partying and whatever until her roomies have had enough and say bye bye bye!

    This is harebrained, just like past moves have been. The difference is that this time around I will not bail her out no matter what happens. I can't do it anymore. I am sickened at these "plans."
    :future: = :sleeping::guitarlove::dance: and then :highvoltage:
    Her reaction when the above happens: :not_fair::sorry::sad:
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    Oh Jeez MB - what is she thinking?? What are they ALL thinking?? This totally sounds like something my difficult child would do! Hang in there. For some reason, some of our kiddos need to make many mistakes before they learn.
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    Matter of perception----what daughter heard----cheap rent 350, own bathroom, bedroom, 3 weeks to decide-no pressure, out on my own, party time, fun, fun, fun........
    what you heard--sleazey guy, don't know the other guy, daughter will lose job, will be back at your door, hasn't learned a thing, dread, dread, dread........

    The real perception probably lies somewhere in the middle, but hoping you can get there, or someone else takes the deal before she does........
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    I think WMM hit it on the nose. Matter of perception.

    Do you think a few offhanded comments by you could maybe at least get her to think about it some more?

    I mean Nichole tells me her and boyfriend are trying to get boyfriend's parents to turn the upstairs into an apartment for them. So I'd remind her of how she felt about boyfriend's Mom, how boyfriend's Mom feels about her and Aubrey just visiting over there....

    Best I can do. I can't make the decision for her. But what a disaster it would be if she moved in there with boyfriend.:nonono:

    Keeping fingers crossed that she realizes how much she doesn't like them before she decides to move in with them.

  5. Star*

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    MB -

    I read this this morning and was just in SHOCK. I thought if I closed it up and came back later I would have some sage advice - I got nuttin'.

    I'm just sending good vibes to you because well - eesh - WOW!!!

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    OMGoodness. :nonono: Crossing everything and hoping this is just a fleeting thought.