please pray for difficult child I

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    this is the only place that can understand this request.

    difficult child I (17) is a thief, thugh and bratt. He is a difficult child. He has made a mistake and he is not really sorry. But the court is making him go back to school 2morrow. And there he'll face a few peers who feel he snitched on them and the kid he stole from. Rumors are flying already about fights and worse.

    I am worried, he is worried. I do not want to enable him in any way and he has to go, per court. But I am praying God will intervene and protect him and all parties involved, as well as humble difficult child I's heart.

    I trembel at the thought of losing him to this "idiotic" gang like mentality so many youth have today the whole "distorted respect" thing.
  2. Andy

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    You are in my prayers - violence is never the answer.

    I would write up difficult child I's schedule for the day including where he will be at every moment. Then difficult child I and you are to go to school early tomorrow and ask to meet with school security. Give security the schedule and have difficult child I tell what he knows about what might happen and give names of EVERYONE involved. Then, ask security what their plan is for the entire week and until school ends. I would hope, "We will post staff in the hallways of the classes he is in" If a student is in a class than safety staff should stand outside the classroom door to be available if the teacher calls them.

    If there are names of those who you are certain will cause problems, get a restraining order ASAP and ask the school how they will honor that restraining order in the event there are shared classes. The order will not keep the trouble at bay but will put that person in more legal trouble for starting something.

    Security can tell difficult child how he should react if he feels threatened. Who should he report to?

    Prayers all night and all day tomorrow. Will wait for an update.
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    I hope he will be safe at school tomorrow.
  4. Hound dog

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    Saying a prayer for difficult child, and another for your worrying Mommy heart.

    Worrying about him isn't enabling him. Hopefully this is nothing more than talk.

  5. WhymeMom?

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    Sending thoughts of safety for your difficult child...... Peaceful thoughts for YOU.....
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    Adding in more prayers of safety for your difficult child.
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    I'm also praying difficult child 1 will be safe at school today... WFEN
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    sorry it's taken me so long to touch base.

    2 days down and 7 more to go. I have been hand delivering him to the principal in the morning and I have made sure he has a pass to use the bathroom in the nurse's office. Then my Dad picks him up from the school office.

    The principal and vice principal are literally poking their heads in on him in every class. Due to the heat, school has been closing early so there's no lunch to worry about. The kid he stole from, was not there yesterday but he was today, their seats have been changed so they're as far apart as possible.

    difficult child I is still a miserable demonic rebel. he is refusing to co-operate and is angry I will not just hand him the phone to use. it's going to be a long 60 days! Tell me it gets better someday again................
  9. Andy

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    Glad these last 2 days have gone well. What did difficult child I say about the other kid after school today?

    We will help you through this. Tell us what will help when, Do you want to laugh? We will send jokes. Do you want to think seriously? We will send theory/ideas/suggestions. How about personal stories (maybe someone can say been there done that)? We will send testamonys? Whatever you feel like, just shout out and we will come to your support.

    Prayers of strenth for tomorrow - sounds like the school is doing their part well to keep all kids safe.
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    Sending prayers, hugs, and whatever else you might need...
  12. tryinghard

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    Sending you and difficult child
  13. TerryJ2

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    Thank you for the update. I'm glad he's being watched so closely. So far, so good.
    I am so sorry about his attitude. Sigh.
    Many, many hugs for you. {{{{{{ hugs }}}}}
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911


    I think in some ways for some kids it does get better with age. Those kids for whom it does not? There's the bitter reality of detachment. And in some ways (oddly enough) detachment seems to be giving Dude enough rope to catch a wild herd of horses. In my mind there are people like me -who sometimes learn the hard way, and there are people like our difficult child's who stand up in the cafeteria of hard knocks and scream "GIMME A SECOND HELPING OF HARD."

    We can only hope each time our kids have an incided - it's THE ONE they learn a lesson from. Maybe this is the one for your son.

    Remain hopeful always

    Hugs & Prayers