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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Thee court ordered a 15 day evaluation but the Doctor can't do the test for 20 days so I called the lawyer on Thursday and Friday but NO ANSWER..(Big Surprise) So I decided that I am going to show up at the courthouse tomorrow to plead that they allow difficult child to come home until the test is done. I am going to ask that the court allow me to take him to see my mother who is really sick and can not travel.He also has a niece that is being baptized that he has not even met yet. Please pray that they will let him do this especially since the last time we were in court they let one kids off of SEVEN FELONY charged and another off after being on the run for 3 days. PLEASE PRAY WITH ME!!!!!
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    Prayers being said.
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    Prayers and support are with you. We just had our difficult child transition home, after 8 months. I know how difficult it can be working with the court system.
    Good luck tomorrow.
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    Prayers said. How did it go today?

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    Well we didn't have court I was just hoping that we could talk to the lawyer and the JPO to talk to the judge and see if they would let difficult child come home until they do this test because he is sitting in the detention center for NO reason. He has no charges but they did not know were to put him since the other Dr said that he should not come home immediately after treatment that he should go to foster home and transition back in but he hasn't had treatment yet. Anyway the lawyer was not there yesterday and the JPO just ignored us and would not come over to talk. I called both again yesterday after leaving the court room but I have still not heard from either. We did go visit difficult child last night and he is holding up but he is mad that he is not getting credit for school so he is getting farther behind. Not to mention that he is going to be in there for Easter when we have our grand baby getting baptized. Poor difficult child hasn't even met her yet and she is 5 months old now
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    So he will remain there at least 20 days for the ordered veal and then transition or come straight home? Sorry, I had a hard time following what happened...Not enough coffee in me yet!