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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Nov 7, 2013.

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    difficult child has an interview in a couple of hours at a fast food restaurant down the street. She has a friend that cleaned up his life years ago and works there. He has already talked to the manager about her and they wanted to interview her ASAP. So, they told him to have her come in today at 4pm, ask for the manager and they will interview her.

    This would be really, really great if she gets hired!! It has been a bit of a financial burden adding two people to support in our household and business has been really stinking for husband lately. It would really boost her esteem, too, to help support her son. She is also anxious to pay her probation fees.

    Things here are still fantastic. We have our moments, though - difficult child and I spend every single day together so she gets on my nerves once in a while but I remind myself that I am dealing with normal, pesty grievances (like not cleaning something up, etc) and that is a whole TON better than dealing with her during her addiction.

    She says it feels fantastic being sober. She wants nothing to do with that POS in jail. She is still dating the officer. husband and I both really like him a lot. Today is his day off so he came over wanting to spend time with her and Connor and then he will take her to her interview later. :) (She just came in here grinning ear to ear after watching him with her son.)

    I warned the "children" that it will be a small Christmas this year. I wasn't expecting to feel it in the pocket this much. But both of them couldn't care less. We all are just so happy that we will be together. I plan on putting out every decoration we have and cooking up some good food! Watching Christmas movies and baking cookies...doesn't matter what is under the tree. (I think I am way too hard on myself in this area and I need to get over it. I was the only one affected by the lack of funds this year...)

    So if you could all please pretzel and rattle those beads I would SO appreciate it!!!!
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    Rattling away here.............let us know how it goes.......
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    Crossing all body parts PG.
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    OOOHHHHH I am pretzeling and rattling and praying like crazy... This is just SO awesome!
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    Count me in. difficult child found her job through other people in recovery and it has been the best thing in the world for her. The founders/owners are both in recovery themselves and are very understanding and supportive of others in recovery.

    I think it is great that your difficult child's friend reached out to help her.

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    She goes back in the morning to meet the owner!! :) The lady said she wasn't going to ask her a bunch of silly questions, that she was going to hire her anyway!

    She will be on the schedule next week... :)
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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! :)
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    Thanks everyone!! I am SO excited for her!! She is so excited. It is her first real job being sober so she feels she won't mess it up. :)

    And the first thing she plans on doing with her paycheck? Paying her brother back for the money she stole from him when she was on drugs. She said to me last night in the store that she realized what a POS she used to be and she plans on making it up to everyone. She wanted to pay her brother back every cent and then get him something nice for Christmas, too. :) Then she wants to pay me back for everything I have paid for (I don't plan on taking it - she can take over buying diapers, etc. and I will be perfectly happy.).

    But her head and heart are finally in the right place. I thank God every day for this precious miracle. What a gift. And she is inspiring others to get clean and get their lives together, too. Just awesomeness. I am so so proud of her. :)
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    As my friend B would say... AWESOME POSSUM SAUCE!

    I am so so so proud of her PG! She is so beautiful and it seems her son has really changed her life! I keep thinking of her and hoping Belle will change (without a grandkid yet though please). I will just keep praying and pretzeling for your difficult child, because she has an awesome chance and she is working WITH it!!!
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    Or... because it will make her feel better in the short run, you can just TAKE it... and because you aren't intending to use it for yourself anyway, put it away for her to help with first month's rent etc. when she moves out.
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    She got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they are giving her nights so she doesn't have to find childcare!!!! She is so so excited and I am such a happy mommy!!!! :D

    I told her that her board aunties are very proud of her!

    *She calls on Sunday to get her schedule for next week... :)
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    Happy Dance time! :) DDD
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    Tears of joy and pride!
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    So wonderful to hear this. I am smiling for all of you :)