Please send good thoughts.


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I am pretty much in shock. A friend called and asked if I knew there was a notice for a Sheriff's Sale of our home this month!!!

Uh, no, I didn't. husband and I applied to refinance the house and our bank got upset. We insisted on a clause allowing for early payout with-o penalty. We have had to get a lawyer to handle our bank b.c they are really fighting the refi. Want a HUGE settlement, but are NOT entitled to it.

I will find out more from our lawyer on Mon, but am all tied in knots until then. Medical bills have just been killing us. We just wanted a lower payment.

Any thought/prayers are appreciated.



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What a mess. Doesn't sound like they have right to put up a sale for your house without you knowing to begin with. What would be the point of it? I admit I don't know a thing about real estate laws etc but seems messed up. Hope the lawyer can do the lawyerly thing this week and put an end to this.


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This happened to my brother in law. He decided not to pay his mortgage for 9 months-he was in the midst of a divorce and thought his wife would get it so he didn't care. Anyway, it went up for a sherrifs sale, but the lawyer got it taken care of right away. He lives there and all is well.-Alyssa