Please send some strength to easy child's girlfriend

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    Devon's girlfriend, A, is such a sweet girl. Her older sister, 25, is a difficult child. Her mother has bipolar disorder. She is on medications, but she hasn't found that right combination yet.

    A's older sister probably has bipolar disorder, but is undx'd and self-medicates. She is also a single mom to two little girls - ages 5 and 2 (or 3, can't remember).

    A had to pick her sister up from jail Sunday morning when her sister got picked up for DUI. Not her first. She also had marijuana on her. They had to drive around all over the place to get A's sister's car because she didn't know where it was - because she didn't know where she had been.

    Today, A's sister went to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and they sent her home. A has been over there taking care of her sister's kids and her sister. A is only 17.

    A said when she picked her sister up, she was crying on A's shoulder like A was her mom. A's mom holds it together for her sister then leans on A for support.

    She's telling me this and telling me she has to be strong for everyone else and that it's ok, that she just has to be strong for them. I asked her, "Who's being strong for you?" She started to cry. She is so worried about her sister, about her nieces. She doesn't want her nieces to grow up with this. She worries because her sister does this stuff around the girls and what if the girls need her and she's out of it. She feels helpless, like any family member of an addict, that she can't make her sister stop. Her sister refuses to stop drinking or go to AA because she needs to pot and alcohol to "keep her sane".

    Everyone in A's family is focusing on A's sister and expecting A to be strong for everyone. She's just a kid.

    Please send some strength and good thoughts for A. She hasn't had it easy - ever. She has overcome a lot of physical health issues (had mild CP and has limited use of her left arm/hand and foot) and she doesn't let anything stop her. But, she's just a kid. She should not be having to take on the responsibility of parenting her mother and her adult sister.
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    Prayers being said for this remarkable young woman. I'm glad you can be her shoulder to lean on when she needs someone.
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    Sending some prayers A's way.
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    Sending prayers her way.

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    Sending prayers for strength and support for her. Also sending prayers that her family gets it together and doesn't need to lean on her so much. (Has anyone gotten CPS involved to monitor the situation? Having the mom stoned or drunk around the kids that young could be very dangerous. Also could be dangerous as mom clearly drives while impaired and problem does it with the kids too. Just a thought.)

    This is a remarkable young lady. You are a sweet lady to care for her and worry about her.
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    Sending A hugs and prayers. She sounds like a very strong young woman, but she shouldn't have to carry such a heavy burden.
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    Sending hugs and saying prayers for A. She does sound like a remarkabloe young woman, who's carrying way more than her share.

    I agree with Susie, that it might be worth a call to the CPS to protect her sister's children.