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    Hello froglevel and welcome. I'm pasting your first post here so that you will get a proper welcome to the TSA forum. It can be slow on weekends, but others will be along.

    Here's froglevel's intro post:

    i am a 40 year old single mom of 2 teenaged daughters. the oldest is 17. She is addicted to prescription medications. After having been arrested for shoplifting 2 times and 2 stays in rehab i sent her to live with her dad. she was there until about 3 weeks ago when she decided to move in with a friend from whom she stole and behaved beligerently when she was high. she then went to her last remaining friend and stayed with her and her father for 3 days when he called and told me to come and get her or he would have her arrested. she had been getting high and coming in his house at 3am, eating all his food, passing out until late afternoon and then off to get high again. she has not been allowed in my house since the end of march but i did offer to take her to her dads but she cursed me and said no. at present i dont know where she is but we have had these issues for about 3 years. at 15 she ran off with her boyfriend who was 20 and a convicted felon to new orleans for 6 weeks. she has been admitted for psychiatric twice and taken to the county hospital psychiatric ward by the police on one occassion. she is bipolar doesnt take her medications, she uses crack, pot, meth, ectasy, and has huffed freon and done heroin as well. i am at the point now that i am having to let go. i have done everything i know to do and she chooses to live in a drug induced stupor sleeping with one boy after another and never stays in the same place for more than a few nights. it was the hardest thing i ever had to do when i told her she couldnt come back home. pray for my little girl. it is like sitting in the room with her, watching her put the gun to her head and not being able to help...

    my youngest daughter is almost 16. she was just as bad or worse. she got involved with gangs and even stole my car for a week one time. in jan she went to juvenile for 2 weeks and when she got out she was a different kid. she has been clean ever since and is the kid i knew before the drugs...although, she is pregnant now...but she is turning around..i like to think it is possible for the oldest as well but my hope is fading fast..i am tired...any words of wisdom would be appreciated and prayers would be even better.

    i guess i thought these kinds of things happened to poor people or people with low moral character and my snobbery is being challenged. i raised my kids well. in fact, i think they are very spoiled and that is my fault. however, i have never used drugs and do not understand it well...
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    Hi froglevel. Welcome to conductdisorders. I hope you can find the help and support you are looking for here.

    It sounds like you have been dealing with this for awhile, and have tried all types of intervention. I know it is almost impossible, but it sounds like you are ready to detach and let her figure it out. It probably is the only power you have left.

    Sorry you are having trouble with her.
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    Adding my sorry you're having this trouble.
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    Froglevel--I am so sorry you had to come searching for us, but glad you found us because it sounds like you needed to. Welcome. Here you will find an understanding group---many of us have been there done that. Your daughter will hit bottom. You can't really do anything to help until she does. I wish I could give you the magic formula, but I am still searching myself.
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    Hi and welcome to a wonderful, supportive group. I hope you check back, as you've certainly been dealing with a full plate. It's wonderful to hear that your younger daughter has turned things around.

    As for your older daughter, it's so hard when they just won't stop the drugging and bad behavior long enough to see where it's heading. While drugging, they are stubborn, resistent to any intervention, and think they are invincible. Being bipolar and not taking proper medication is certainly at the root of this, but adding street drugs in has certainly caused the spinning out of control.

    My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to watch your child self-destructing in front of you.

    Again, welcome, and I hope to see you back.

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    Hi there and welcome also. I too know watching self-destructive kids is so very hard. I wish for peace in your life.