Plumbers are here!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    Last night we had the sewer back up. What a great mess that was. Diva did a great job in cleaning and finding phone numbers for me to call.

    The plumber came last night and got us in working order but needed to come back today to finish the rootering (not sure if that is correct spelling).

    Last night was chaos for me as I tried to contact husband for a check (1st time we used this company so they wanted payment same day in check form) and get difficult child to his baseball game within one hour's time. It involved me interrupting an important private school board meeting with a family to talk to husband! Ugh!

    Anyway, got that taken care of! Was 1/2 hour late to baseball pre-practice but in time for the game.

    I asked the plumbing people to call us BEFORE they arrived to make sure someone was home. Diva took off to her trip to the cities at 12:30 and at about 1:45 I took difficult child bowling. I was hoping that husband would be close by to go home if need be.

    I then called husband to see what he was up to. Guess what???? He went to the lake to fish!!!!! The lake is 1/2 hour away! What???? No!!!! He is suppose to be here for the plumbing. What if they want another check? Ugh!

    So, I get a phone call about 2:10 stating the plumbers will be here in about 15 minutes! Ugh! difficult child finished his 3rd game which means we loose one free game since we didn't have time to play it!

    I am sitting at home waiting for them to finish so we can continue with our Friday. No real plans so I am looking at that for my positive. Can't stand this!!!!! Just sitting in Ughville waiting for this to be over!
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    What ever happened to good old fashioned appointments. As in "we will be there Thursday at 3p.m.". Servicing companies do this so often. I've been told someone would come re my telephone line when for some reason it got cut outside?? that they'd arrive before noon. So I made afternoon plans only. When did they arrive?? 5:30p.m. just as we were sitting down to a family dinner. I feel your pain!!
    Hope they finish quickly so you can go ahead and do what you'd rather be doing.