Plumbing and difficult child logic

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    The bathroom sink started leaking last night, completely soaking the six rolls of TP stored underneath. Hubby was at a friend's, so I called and asked him to bring home TP. Rather than go to the store, he got one roll from his friend. Since Miss KT was headed towards the bathroom, I tossed her the roll of TP.

    About 20 minutes later, Hubby goes into the bathroom, and finds the dry roll of TP under the sink.

    Me: Miss KT, can I ask a question?
    Miss KT: Depends.
    Me: What is the logic of putting the only dry roll of TP under the sink that soaked the other rolls?
    Miss KT (laughing): That's where the TP goes.

    We're heading to Target in a little bit.
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    And we thought it was a good thing when our kids actually put things away? Don't let that one out in the difficult child (and easy child) worlds or no one would ever get their kids to put things where they belong again.

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    :rofl: Yup, only from the mind of a difficult child!
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