PMS + missed medication + Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) =

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Mar 5, 2012.

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    NOT a good day! I have little patience today and difficult child 1 forgot to take his Tenex last night so he was much more rigid today AND we are approaching another full moon. I lost it and sent him to his room because I needed a break from him but still needed to be accessible to help difficult child 2 with schoolwork. difficult child 1 was beyond stuck and I wasn't in the mood to "teach" skills today. Why can't he just DO what he's supposed to do the way he's supposed to do it? Why does he HAVE to know the "why" about everything and dismiss it if it doesn't "fit" his thinking? It was just soooooo old today and I didn't want to deal with it.

    Sorry, but I really needed to vent.
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    Vent away. Sorry it was a rough day.

    Days like that are why I started singing 'Cause I'm the Mom Yeah Yeah Yeah" to the tune of Julie Brown's "Cause I'm a Blonde" from the movie Earth Girls are Easy.

    When Wiz gave me grief for that, I sang out "I've Got the Power!" in the tune of some 80's song - in a high pitched voice.

    Usually those would be enough to tell Wiz that he had pushed me too far and I was going to sing more if he didn't leave me alone. If he didn't? I broke out the Barney songs and the Mail song from Blue's Clues.

    It got me the time-outs I needed because he would rather let me kiss him all over his face than listen to me sing. He HATED being kissed by mom after about age 6.

    It works on thank you and jess too. :choir:

    by the way, I only had to sing the words I typed up there 'Cause I'm the Mom' and 'I've got the Power" in the tune of the songs I mentioned. I perfected singing them badly enough that it was a crystal clear warning, lol.

    Just to lighten up you day, here is the song from Earth Girls Are Easy:

    I really think at the end where the blonde says she wants to be a veterinarian because she loves children is totally awesome and correct. That just tickles me, lol.
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    I wish I had answers for you. *hugs*
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    Ohhhhh, I saw the subject heading and thought, oh no ...

    I hope tomorrow is better. I hear ya!

    Lol, Susiestar--I threaten to kiss my difficult child, too, sometimes, if he doesn't do what I want. Nothing like true Mom-Son-Torture.:devil:
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    Ugh-I hope tomorrow is a much better day!
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    lol, wouldn't it be great if you could just give them a beer or something to make up for it??? Susie, ROFLMAO... I loved that song....
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    Mine gets upset if I pout or threaten to cry. Bwahahahaha!
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    Never have to apologize for venting!! Hope today is a much better day!! Hugs... SFR

    P.S. Suzie and Terry, glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when reading your responses, lol...