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    He said difficult child won't have to wear the monitor while on house arrest- thank goodness! I told him my thoughts on dealing with difficult child- 1) if difficult child breaks a house rule then I will deal with it but would like support from the PO regarding difficult child's need to listen to me as well as him (PO), 2) if difficult child violates a rule of parole, of course I will report it to the PO- PO says to tell him if difficult child breaks a law too but I tend to think he meant the status law or whatever it's called if it's something like sneaking out of the house or being truant- not a felony- anyway, I said fine BUT, 3) if difficult child becomes violent with me again, I'm skipping PO and calling the police and PO said he's with me- call 911 immediately. OK, well, at least we agree on these things.

    He said after I pick difficult child up from his release to bring him straight to his office to sign paperwork and he'll go over the terms of parole with difficult child. I asked what they were and he said we'll go over them then. Okee doke..that's the detail it would be nice to know that I could live with before picking difficult child up but this is the way they work- that way they can oder the parent to do whatever then too and it's too late to do anything about it. Then, you have to sign that they "developed" the plan with the parent, when in actuality, the parent had no choice or they would be non-compliant because they already have the kid. Anyway, I hope this PO is not going to be a DR. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde about this. He's only mentioned difficult child having a mentor, house arrest (but can leave with mentor or me), then strict curfew that will loosen with time. I'm in agreement with those things- I'm just keeping fingers crossed that we don't get there to sign papers and have something unexpected be thrown at us.

    Oh- I sent out a letter to the judge today requesting a different GAL if difficult child should ever need one again in the future.
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    K, could you possibly write the PO a letter stating your understanding of difficult child's terms of parole, and ask him to respond if it is not correct? I don't know what it will gain except a tad bit of leverage if they do try to pull that koi on you again...

    I hope he's not like the others, tho, and he's cutting you straight. Fingers are crossed.
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    I've written him one or two letters before- I'm thinking if we show up and there's something unexpected on the parole papers, I will write a statement on there that these were NOT developed with me, and then decide whether or not to sign. I'd rather someone take me to a judge right off the batt for me stating that the paper says one thing but isn't accurate, then to wait a few months and have the same situation we had with the &%#@^&**() probation officer.
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    Heck, both wouldn't hurt.

    From your experience, you can bet that I won't sign diddly squat at my meetings unless I fully understand them and am in agreement. Lesson learned.