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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by amazeofgrace, Jul 28, 2008.

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    So Friday difficult child I approached me with a pocket knife he said difficult child II had been carrying around with him (of course he expected phone time for the "gift" he gave me) but none the less he said he did not feel it was right for an 11 y/o to have one, and then asked if he could keep it, and I promptly said "no". I decided to wait until this weeks inhome therapy session to bring it up to difficult child II, unless he noticed it was gone.

    But today difficult child II's "girlfriend's" mother called me, and told me, her daughter had seen Daniel with the knife last week, and that her sister had been babysitting and told difficult child II, she was going to call me about the knife, because it was dangerous for him to have it. He left there mad. But today I guess he went back, and the "topic of the knife" came up again. This time he exploded cursed girlfriend's Aunt out in front of girlfriend and her younger siblings and the whole neighborhood (her words), threatened to hit the Aunt and then took off on his bike, he has not been home yet, this was about 1/2 hour ago.

    today started out by having the police and the mobile response here for difficult child I at 8 & 9AM this morning. I worked a whole 4 hours! I really do not have the strength left to go another round now for difficult child II, but it looks like I may have to. Speak of the devil, he just came home, wish me luck:whiteflag:
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    Good luck with- that discussion.

    We had a mini swiss army knife that went to school so difficult child could "clean out his nails". I found out about it after he was showing it at the playground afterschool and then later he admitted to taking it to school. He says he only took it out of his pocket in the bathroom and it stayed in there the rest of the time.
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    How old is gfgII to have a girlfriend?
    Who diagnosed him? Is he on medications?
    You may want to do a more intensive signature so we can get an overview of your kids--diagnosis, medications, ages...and also include if you or their biological father have any mental health issues or substance abuse problems.
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    That sounds a tad judgemental to me. She said in her post he's 11, and his diagnosis is BPII/CD. My son had girlfriends from the time he was 5. I don't think having a girlfriend at 11 is all that strange.

    amazeofgrace, it sounds like your day started out horrible and didn't get any better. I hope you got difficult child II under control without having to call in the cavalry again. I hope tomorrow is better (couldn't be much worse, could it?).
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    I hope it all went well. Hugs and good luck.
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    truly, no offense taken, sorry I know my sig is vague, I try to keep it that way because of my Soon 2BX. I delete my posts within a few days of posting to try to keep him out of my business.

    difficult child I is 17 and difficult child II is 11, both boys, difficult child II's girlfriend, is a "friend" for all suite and purpose, my boys are not allowed to date until they're 15, the oldest listened this one is fighting me tooth and nail, and is quite the flirt for 11.

    Oh and difficult child II came home like nothing was wrong, I told him he was in for the night, when he tried to argue, I told him that girlfriend's mom called me, he said "I hate those people" and I said "we will talk about it 2morrow with his inhome via the phone, because I was on my way out to my Divorce support group, and I did not want to leave my parents with a flaming difficult child for the evening.
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    What a day! Sending hugs and wishes that tomorrow is a whole lot better.
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    Sorry I missed this yesterday. I hope today is a much better, more peaceful day.

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    Hope things are going better today. It seems to be one thing after another, you must be exhausted! Hope you catch a break soon--it's well deserved.

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    Our pocket knife incident happened at school, unfortunately, and although it started out as an absent-minded situation difficult child 2 had got himself into, it turned ugly after kids found out he had it and then when someone was bullying him, he made a very specific verbal threat.

    Sounds like yours is feeling very defensive about the whole thing -- sort of projecting onto the rest of the world and taking no responsibility. I think that's typical. I hope your conversation with him over the issue goes well.