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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by greenrene, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Yes, I've "Shared" this several times. GREAT article.
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    I read that too and shared it on facebook.
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    This should be read by everyone. I will be sharing this on fb and twitter.
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    How incredibly sad and powerful...
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    I just came across it before coming into your post.

    Sadly, this is many American households.

    What disturbed me more were some of the nasty responses she received from the ignorant of society. These are the people we fight against each and every day. ugh
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    How many of us have heard something to this effect? Ours was, "they just about have to murder someone..."
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    Very good article....poor mom and poor child.

    I did find some of the replies the background noise we have all lived with for years but oddly enough there were a whole lot more that seemed to be understanding of what the real issues were behind the "adam's" of this world. It is really a sad situation.
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    One can only hope that when the shock of this event wears off, meaningful discussion will continue about the gross lack of mental health services for adults and children, of support for families dealing with kids/adults like ours, and the total failure of the system to listen to those who know best about folks who are at risk for violence.

    And also hope that the pendulum doesn't swing too far in the opposite direction.
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    My oldest difficult child sent me this link. (that's what I want you to read)

    I'm proud of her for finding it and then also for sending it to me as well. It shows me she really is being very active in all ways in helping herself lately. See post in PE.

    Opps! I now see this has been posted in several posts already. Sorry! :( It's worth seeing again though. Don't see a delete. If a moderator wants to delete it's fine with me.
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    Om my gosh....sorry, I I didn't read this thread before I posted my link to it but it was found somewhere else too. Guess it's everywhere now. I also shared it. It's worthy.
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    This is exactly why we need to focus more attention on mentally ill. That child is a danger to himself and his family. Why is there not more help for that family? Now, I'm not saying this is the answer, but why don't we institutionalize anymore? There is so much focus on pushing the child back to the home setting, but that just may not be the right course.
  13. TeDo

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    What I find sad is that it takes criminal charges and a judges order for services as part of probation to get help for some of these kids. It seems like the court order, many times, isn't so much about the kid following the terms of probation as it is the KEY to accessing services at all. That's usually not the intent but that is what happens. Insurances don't want to pay for needed services or there are long waiting lists but if the person is court-ordered, then things get paid for or expedited. Disclaimer: This is not true of all cases but it is our experience and many others I've talked to.
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    This is JMO, but...
    - Institutions were way overused, and many who were there, did NOT need to be there
    - There is the risk of abuse in institutions. Not that there isn't the risk of abuse in almost any situation (home, group home, on the street... ), but if it happens in an institution, then the government is on the hook when things go wrong.

    I tend to agree that there needs to be "something" for those who cannot or will not deal with their MI issues... and some who need this are not even violent.
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    I saw this as an article on Gawker by someone calling herself "Liza". I wondered if she was one of us. I got into the fray with the ignorant there for a while, but no one responded to anything. It was clear that I was being deleted by the people I was responding to, and/or that people are more likely to react to something outrageous than chime in with someone who is sane.
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    I merged the two threads about this article.