Police ... an unorthodox cure for depression

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Lately I've been very down in the dumps, partly because I haven't been painting or writing anything profound, and partly because I pulled my quad and had to stop my daily walks, and partly because difficult child is ... sigh ... difficult child ...
    and last night and today I was very teary eyed but carried on with-my chores and duties.
    After grocery shopping, I drove up the street, preparing to pull into the driveway, and there were two police cars in the street ...but not at my house, thank g*d.
    I don't think I posted here about our former neighbor who was wanted on 10-12 counts of pedophilia this summer. We didn't know it until he was gone.
    Luckily, difficult child was away at camp for a mo. How ironic ... I was worried about him crashing into rocks during his first whitewater rafting experience, and something more dangerous lurked right across the street.

    Apparently during the spring, the neighbor had greeted difficult child and given him a football, and after difficult child got home from camp and pulled the stunt with-the lady's underwear, I freaked and wondered if this guy had gotten to him.
    But the worry was for naught. (I was posting enough crazy notes aobut the police and psychiatric hospital and didn't think another "what if" post would be a good idea :anxious:;))
    At any rate, the guy found out they were looking for him and took off. Left everything in the house. His wife (or fiance?) came back a cpl times to get the mail and the sheriff dept had a deputy there but missed her by an hr ea time. :mad:
    The house was being rented, so the rental company packed up everything in the house and stored it in PODS in the driveway.
    There is a strange car in the driveway right now, which the police have blocked in.
    The police have been standing there for quite a while, one in back and one in the front yard near the window, with-their hands on their guns. I think I should stay away from my windows.

    Yup, this is a good temporary cure for depression. It picked up my heart rate a bit. :laugh:
    Which neighbor should I call for gossip?
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    Oh heavens...I would be peaking out the drapes! I admit I am nosy...lol. In fact, I would probably make a sandwich and cup of tea and have to eat it on my front porch...lol.
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  4. TerryJ2

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    Okay, they arrested a guy ... I pulled out of the driveway after everyone had left and saw several neighbors huddled together, so of course I had to roll down my windows.
    One of them was just getting off the phone with-a detective (the det had handed out their biz cards this summer so we could all call them if we saw anything). The neighbor said they arrested the guy's brother.
    Hmm. Don't know if he was sent there by the perp, or if he was ripping off his brother. Either way, they're one step closer.
  5. witzend

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    That's why we have a neighborhood watch. It makes for great gossip, and you get to control it!
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    Scary stuff, but adrenaline can be helpful for depression. I am sorry this guy was/is still a presence in your neighborhood.
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    Terry, call me, call me! I love neighborhood gossip. You should hear what goes on in the house next door to ours. Let's just say "pig slaughter". Eeeek! If Sally goes missing we panic

    Sometimes a little harmless gossip does the soul good.

    I'm glad the culprit was arrested - hope he stays off the streets.
  8. TerryJ2

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    Yeah, except it wasn't the real culprit, it was his brother.
    Either way, I'm doing better today. I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring. :)