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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tryingtobreathe, Jan 9, 2018.

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    heard from the school police officer. D.C. will be served at school with a disorderly conduct citation for fighting at school (includes a fine and a mandatory hearing in front of the judge). I am relieved that something is actually happening. For too long D.C. has been the teflon kid (my name for his ability to get out of every possible situation possible). Not sure what the judge will decide. I am not hiding anything from the judge and was encouraged to give him all the information. I will, as one of the last efforts before my D.C. becomes an adult, to get him to turn it around. Praying that this is his rock bottom. I hit my rock bottom a long time ago
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  2. LookingForPeace

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    Yes! It is reassuring to have the help. I hope it goes well and I do hope it's his rock bottom. You are doing the right thing! Saying a little prayer for you!
  3. Littleboylost

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    I feel that TTB.it was an earth shattering moment for me to know that I had hit bottom and it was a while ago too. My son well as I say his bottom has a basement and he likes to dwell there. I hope some day this will change.

    Be as Frank as you can with the courts. My son skated through so many charges without real consequences. He wasn’t even 18 for 30 days and he was in jail. I hope your son can get turned around before adult charges wreck his future.
  4. tryingtobreathe

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    Thank you for your support and understanding. Family and friends...they try to understand, but don't quite get it. That's okay. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone
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    I also strongly encourage you to be open and honest with the judge. Especially if your son has ever been violent with you or damaged property at home, or if you reported things to the cops and were told they could do nothing about it because he was your son. Go ahead and tell the judge about it. Let the judge know that these things happen over and over, not once or once in a while. If something happens each weekend, say that it is something that you deal with at home every weekend.

    I know how hard it is to stand before a judge and tell them the awful things your child has done. Just like you, I never wanted to do it. Like you, I did it to try to save my child, to get some help. I can tell you that it is completely overwhelming. It is much worse if you don't have support. My parents were extremely unhappy that I brought this before a judge. So I know how hard it is if you don't have any support. This board was here for me, and will be here for you. KNOW, in your bones, that we are right there with you. We are standing up with you and lending you our strength as you do this incredibly difficult thing.

    If your son goes home from court and damages your property or threatens you or hurts you, call 911. I know you don't want him to have a record, and you don't want him to be in trouble. But he has to learn that he cannot act out when he is called to account for his behavior. This is against the law, and he has to pay a price for that. You have every right to feel safe in your home and if he acts out when the cops come, let them take him.

    As a suggestion, don't pay his fines for him. Make him do community service to work them off. If he refuses to do the hours of service, let him deal with the court. Don't give in and pay to make it easy on your kid. You didn't fight and get the ticket. You know how to behave yourself. Your son NEEDS to feel these consequences. If they keep him from doing something he wants to do, well, that is his lesson to learn, isn't it.