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I live in BC and have a 26 yr old that has been addicted for at least 4 years to opiates : heroin, fentanyl, ect. also is recently doing crack too. I notice with the crack he is so different ...not caring about anything, mean. He has been in jail for almost 2 years but other than that has lived with me. He for the past year has been on methadone and doing better until just recently he got his licence back and started doing the dial a drug thing. (selling drugs). Now he is getting so out of control in and out of my house. Ignorant to me ect. I want him out of my house so bad but am having a hard time getting him out. The police first told me he is a tenant because he has paid me rent so I have to give him a eviction notice and that will take too long. I talked to the landloard tenancy board and they say he is not because he shares a kitchen and bathroom. He is considered a boarder. I phoned the police again they now say its a civil matter. So how the hell do I get this kid out? He wont leave. Help Please!


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Don't know the procedure in BC. Can you get legal advice through EAP program at work or from Senior Center (don't know your age)? Here there's a lawyer that specializes in evictions that gives a telephone consult for free. Here (in California) you have to give a 30 day notice. Or if he's abusive or threatening can get a restraining order, which means he can't live with you.

1. Get legal advice
2. Do what you need to do to get him out
3. Don't let him back in.

Also - it is very dangerous having a drug dealer in your house. Druggies could decide to break in, you could get in legal trouble. If you see him doing something illegal, you could call the police. When he gets out of jail don't let him back in.
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he shares a kitchen and bathroom.
Welcome. I would go with the landlord tenant board. Except I think because of his lifestyle he presents an imminent threat. Illegal activity in a home is cause where I live to be ejected immediately. He is breaking felony laws. I would NOT listen to the police. What do they know about landlord tenant law? I would get a restraining order and ask the sheriff to remove his things immediately. Where I live at the county court house there is free legal help. I think I would run it by them, and then go ahead and remove his stuff.

The issue here is not just your safety and well-being. It is in his interests that he NOT be dealing and using hard drugs in his mother's property. Why are the police not arresting him? Can you not do a citizen's arrest through the police, if you are witnessing his sales of and use of hard drugs? I am so sorry you are going through this. This sounds very wrong to me.

But rest assured. You are taking the moral and responsible, as well as legally viable position, I think.


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Sorry you are living with all of this. Do you have any support for yourself? A spouse or significant other? Does anyone else live in the home with you and your son?

I hope that you are able to get to the bottom of this and get the situation rectified for your own peace of mind.