Poor kid's name...

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    Bizarre is the right word. I just don't get it! Weird! Usually names atleast SOUND like names, these are not even close.
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    Ya know, some people just should be allowed to reproduce. Jeepers, you need a license to have a DOG - but no common sense at ALL to have a child!

    I am all for the judge's decision. I lived through Jr High with an unusual middle name and it was NOT a fun experience. As an adult I like the name, but as an adolescent it was very embarrassing.

    I cannot fathom what thought processes lead you to give your child that name! I know choosing my children's names included a LOT of thought - even down to initials. I worked with a young woman years ago who was mortified at her initials. She rushed into marriage the DAY it was legal to get rid of the initials KKK. Her parents chose the first and middle names to honor relatives, but she had a LOT of people accuse her of being racist. Especially after her mother spent quite a bit of $$$ to get all her shirts monogrammed before she went to high school.
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    Someones Mom got better drugs than I did for the caesarean!
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    I had two C-sections and I don't remember getting any drugs that would have even remotely made that sound like a good idea! It sounds like the parents wanted to show off their own cleverness and didn't give a rats' rear that the poor kid would have to contend with that name for ever!

    I was soooo careful picking out names - it took me months to decide. I was admitted to the hospital the evening before my son was born and I took a baby name book with me. I had the first name but hadn't decided on a middle name. I went through the entire book trying them all out with the first name I had chosen ... I got almost to the end before I found one I liked. His middle name is "Wade". And I was determined that neither ones names would have the cutesey "alternate spellings" or any of the other weirdness that is common today!

    You really have to feel sorry for some of the little kids today - the ones with the 20-letter long "original" names that are full of apostrophies and hyphens - the names you can't pronounce, even if you sound them out. I just picture the poor little things sitting there in kindergarten, clutching those big fat pencils in their tiny little fingers, struggling to learn how to write their names!
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    I absolutely HATE the creative naming and alternative spellings. I walk in the classroom, sit down, look at a roll sheet, and, on average, am stumped on at least five of the twenty or so names. Or the names are so weird, I feel sorry for the kid. In twelve years of subbing, I've met Unique, Finesse, Hebrews, Phnix, Cea-Dum, Sarahie, Cxam, Kindsay, Jybe, Uustn, Kinborough, Kenneshae, Shy Lynn...very nice kids, but OMG...I have to wonder if any of them will change their names when they grow up?
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    The closest I got ... I've told my daughter before that, due to my extreme fondness for desserts, she came very close to being named "Sara Lee"! She thinks I'm kidding!
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    Mary, I have no idea how to even pronounce some of these.

    When I was in high school I used to work as a file clerk in a Paediatrician's office. I was astonished at some of the names parents would inflict on their children. I did get pretty good at predicting the most popular names based on which soap opera character or pop star was really popular at the time.
    (1985 saw a lit of LaToya's, for example)

    The province of Quebec has a government body that will forbid you to name your child certain things. A few years ago there was a big flap when a couple wanted to name their child Spatule (Pronounced spah-TOOL), and yes, it's French for spatula. They were forced to pick another name.
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    When easy child was born, I insisted that regardless of her 1st name, her middle name had to be Louise. That is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my grandma's middle name.

    It also happened to be mother in law's middle name and she hated it. See, she wanted to be Eva Marie, not Eva Louise. And she always despised the name Louise.

    husband once said, "You want her middle name to be Louise to despise my mom!" My answer was, "If I was doing this to despise her, I would insist that it was her 1st name so she had to hear it everyday!"
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    OMG. Sickos.
    Violence? Lula Does the Hula?
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    my dad was a teacher in what would now be called the Projects in many cities. He had Thattis All (last of 10 kids), Orangejello, Lemonjello (no, I am NOT kidding), Vagina, and many other horrible names. This is not a new trend. In some cases the mom gave birth in the ER and asked the ER doctor what to name the kid. Hence Gonnorhea and Syphillis, Vagina and some even worse names were given. It is just horrible!
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    I worked at Social Services and I saw some real "winners" with names. There was one family that names all the kids the same. Kind of like George Foreman. These were the Sunday family. Every kid was named Sunday. I kid you not!

    Then there was the kid named Fukkan. Middle initial A. I refused to pronounce his name when doing the interview because all I could think in my mind was ...yeah sure honey...you were (blankin) a XXX I know!

    We had the twins...Gonnorhea and Chlamydia. Pronounced Jenorea and Clammydeeaa. I think they spent time in the health department and thought the words looked pretty.
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    I have long decided there is a certain percentage of the human population who should never reproduce.


    I went to school with some poor cursed kids. The 60's and early 70's spawned some God awful names.

    Which is why I spent a longish time in choosing the names for my kids. And it's also the reason husband had absolutely no input whatsoever.

    My God, the man wanted to name Travis Erving Swartz! (I kid you not) I thought he was joking, he wasn't. Then he decided on George Newton. Uh, no. :rofl:
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    My whole difficult child-family-of-origin are riddled with bizarre names.
    I wonder if that's something to do with why they're all so warped.

    There's Elliston, Almond (I kid you not!), Viola, Fritz, and Bumbaree.

    According to family lore, my GFGmother and GFGfather didn't speak for a week arguing about what to call me, and I was "Baby Nameless" for a few weeks as a result. Thank goodness they finally came up with something relatively normal.

    Trinity (no, that's not my real name...)
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    I am pretty sure few of you have husband's who wanted stranger names than my husband suggested. Random and Constant if twins (or for the first 2 kids). Once I decided on Brandon he came up with Alexander for the middle (last name begins with a D -well, maybe husband knew something I didn't? This is Wizard we are talking about, LOL!!). He suggested Tangent or Vector as names. Also came up with Seradaphnia - they are a flippin' WATERFLEA!!! His company used this species to test for water quality and he thought it was a "cool" name. It is pretty, but NO!!!

    And those are the BETTER names he came up with. I finally told him that I get to name ANYTHING I give birth to and he can name anything he gives birth to. He can also then FLUSH!

    When I was preggo with Wiz we picked a boys name and a girls name. I wrote them down. When our 2nd child was a girl I saw NO need to look for a new name - I had already picked one. So it was done. husband spent the entire pregnancy trying to convince me to change the name. NOT because he doesn't like Jessie's name, but to see if he could. But Jessie was my Gma's name. And I wanted someone in the family to have it - Gma died when my mom was a child. None of my cousins would give her name to their kids. And my other Gma and my gpa's 2nd wife on mom's side (my real Gma - the one I knew) both hated their names so I wouldn't use them.

    anyway, what strange names did your hubbies suggest for your kids?
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    Geez...and I thought Okie Dokie was strange. Former student.

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    Well, my two grandkids are Tru Destiney and Harley David but from what I've read here, I guess it could be worse. They are having a new baby in October and so far the names I've heard them considering are Xavier Storm and Zander Aaron (after difficult child's brother). However that one isn't decided yet so it could get better or it could get worse. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    You know what?? I can't believe I forgot to mention my poor neice.

    Stormy Sea I thought my Mom was going to kill sister in law for that one. :rofl:
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    My husband is fairly normal in names. Billy is named after his father...and his father before him...and so on. He is a fifth. Jamie is named after husband and husband's dad....Anthony James. Cory...well Im not really sure where I got that name. Cory was supposed to be a girl and I was all set with two girls names all picked out and I just knew I would know which one fit him when I saw him. He would either be Meghan or Lauren. When he came out a boy I was so shocked I just forgot all reason and good sense and blurted out...Cory Allen! I never even knew a Cory....lol. I think they had been talking about that phillipino dictators wife on tv...corizana aqino or however you say her name and that was in my mind...lmao. Cory really should have been named Scott (My middle name) Castine (My maiden name) XXX (his real last name). Now I am begging the boys to name a boy this...lmao.

    Jamie wants his first son to be named Anthony Laylon to be called Laylon. Laylon was Tonys fathers middle name.