Poor puppies... their owners took

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Sep 3, 2009.

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    As someone who groomed dogs until I hurt my neck, I have to admire the scissoring work. The groomers did a fantastic technical job on those dogs.

    The colorings where used are just harmless food dyes. They last about a month if the dog doesn't get wet.

    That said, I think some owners and groomers have too much time on their hands, LoL.\

    Just remember that smart as they usually are, poodles have absolutely no sense of how ridiculous they look
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    I've never had a poodle but regarding dogs in general...I wouldn't be so sure about that! LOL husband once put our Husky Taz in a tshirt and shorts. The shorts had a hole that husband used to pull Taz's tail through. Taz came walking up to me with his head down and looking at me as if to say "Make him STOP!!!!"

    Poor thing....it was soooo funny and he was sooooooooo humiliated!!!
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    Ok...and I thought we were bad. Tony is practicing grooming our buddy. We cant afford to professionally groom our Havanese so he does it himself. We have had some bad cuts. Maybe I will show him these...lol.
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    Oh my!
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    Some are too cute! I think Cindy (the white poodle in several of the pics) was having fun. She just had that look in her eyes.

    The ones where the animal had to be muzzled or have a collar around his mouth and nose didn't look happy. If the animal isn't happy then it isn't fun to me.

    Some animals truly DO like to dress up. A friend had a little terrier/schnauzer mix who would go bring his dresses to me to put on him. HIS idea, we never prompted him after the first time.

    My cat Freckles used to demand her colors. She didn't like living with my parents' male cats. At one point I used a food coloring marker to color her face. After that she would paw the pens off the shelf I kept them on and bring them to me. If I didn't respond fast enough she would pick them up in her mouth and drop them on whatever I was doing or my face if I was sleeping.

    Thanks for posting these. I miss Freckles and this brought back happy memories.
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    So funny!
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    That's a little bizarre.
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    There's a group of dog groomers, usually instructors, who compete in grooming competitions (I think there was a reality show on a few years ago about this--not too far off, by the way).

    These groomers keep their own dogs specifically to use in competitions. Usually some sort of terrier for "normal" grooming (dogs that need their coats handstripped and the like), and then have a couple of poodles for both poodle-specific classes and for 'freestyle' classes like you see in the slideshow
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    I was telling husband how awful I thought they all were as we watched the slide-show. Until we got to the Panda. I might have to get a poodle just to do that...
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    Witz, I hate to disillusion you, but the "panda" is NOT a poodle; it's a Bichon Frise. The coat texture is quite different and Bichons do not grow facial hair in the same pattern that poodles do.
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    Ok...the horse poodle is just too much.