Popular boy at school (age 16) commits suicide. Unbelievable.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Oct 21, 2011.

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    I am numb. The boys mother came out to the garage and he had hung himself. He'd had a rather chaotic life the past year, going from his mother's house to his father's, then back again, and he posted a few things on facebook that gave a little bit of a clue about what was in his heart...but not much. His very last post said, "It's funny that you have to be dead to get somebody to listen to you."

    The entire community is shocked and in mourning. He was a kid who got into some trouble (thus going back and forth from Mom to Dad), but he wasn't terrible and everyone loved him...he had so many friends.

    Jumper knew him pretty well. She knew he had issues, but never expected this. Nobody did.

    Well, I didn't know who else to tell so I guess I"m venting. When I heard about it, I just started crying. I didn't know him well, but I felt for him, I felt for his mother, I felt for every mother in the world who has gone threw this. I remember when I used to be afraid that my oldest daughter (Pastry Chef) would kill herself or die of drugs.

    This boy had a lot of potential.
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    We had that exact same thing happen here on our block 3 years ago. It is very tragic. I grew up with these parents so I knew them well. Even today, difficult child 2 hates going down our alley, especially at night, because that is where the garage is the boy hung himself. I was the one that went to tell his grandparents who were my mom's neighbors. NO kid should have to feel that desperate. I wish ALL kids they had someone they could talk to honestly. I am glad that so far my kids still confide in me when they are down.

    {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} to you and your community.
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    The teen suicide rate appears to be flying high lately...and younger kids too. It is hard to imagine the pain of losing your child that way. I've had recent concerns about that issue but if your kid doesn't want counseling then all you can do is be there, pay attention and pray. My heart breaks for the families. I imagine this has blown you away because of your worry about J. Hugs for you and all who knew him and his family. DDD
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    There's a song out, think it's called "If I Die Young." Don't know who sings it- they were on DWTS on Tuesday. One of the lines is very similar to what that young man left.
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    What a horrible thing to have happen! And it does seem like it's happening more and more.

    Just last year a 15 year old boy hung himself in a garage on the property right behind my house. There had been a mobile home on that lot but it was moved, leaving just the big open-ended garage, a bit like a small barn. Apparently this boy too had just moved here after being shuffled back and forth between parents. There's so many kids that age around here but I don't think I knew this one. Someone at work told me that a few years ago this boys' older brother had also committed suicide at the same age. So very sad.
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    I don't know how one gets over it. Nobody knows why he did it. He didn't leave a note or a clearcut reason. His mother found him (how do you move on from that?) He has several siblings. It does seem to be more common now...and it's soooooooooooo sad.
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    So sorry, MWM.
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    who was it that asked about the song? Was it this one?

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    They'll probably never know for sure. in my humble opinion teens who get into trouble (even small trouble) often believe that their life will never be the same since they are identified as troublemakers. It is not unusal for the parents of easy child's to have their kids avoid even a minor difficult child so the support of peers is no longer a dependable factor. My heart breaks for all the teens who just can't face the future. So sad. DDD
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    So very sad. Prayers going up for his family and friends. :(
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    ((((HUGS)))) MWM. So hard to process when it hits close to home.

    Janet, what a sad and beautiful song. The one KTmom mentioned was this one.

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    Ahhh..oh yeah...I know that one too. I saw the guy who sang the one I posted sing it in person in my city about a year ago. He is really good.
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    HUGS... For you, because it clearly weighs heavy, and for Jumper, and all the other kids.

    I've been to that edge. Honestly, I don't really know what took me there - but the thought that I was maybe doing it to "punish" others brought me back. How dare they have that much control over me?!

    I worry about this with Onyxx, too. Not so much as I used to. But still...