Pornography Addiction Help

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  1. Found a website with excellent support for those who have an addiction to pornography. I find it honest, open and well done.

    There are video testimonies of how porn affected the lives of individuals, porn stars and producers.

    They also have 52 lessons (including a less than 10 minute video and some diary/thinking work) available free for ages 20 and under, and $30 for those over 20. I called and asked if I could preview it, since I wanted to suggest my son's counselor use it with him. And they gave me the ability to preview it. So far it is excellent.

    Here is the website if you are interested:
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    It will be really helpful for the needy.
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    I can't believe that I have to use this link for a 10 year old, so thank you so much.
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    Unfortunately. Some of our challenging kids are taken advantage of by other students, who take particular delight in seeing someone else get into trouble. So, they "coach" these challenging kids into doing ALL the wrong stuff.