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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jul 22, 2010.

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    I've never asked for a collective board spell but I'm asking now. husband's unemployment appeal is still a "go" and the phone interview is Tuesday morning. The place he worked for is having an attorney represent them. What the? Just so they don't have to pay unemployment? Their evidence is a bunch of paperwork and garbage emails that to us seem inconclusive, but they know how to play the game much better than we do. We really need this money to survive. Though I've gone through worse case scenario and I'm ok with losing the townhouse and renting if that's what we have to do. But it would be nice to have more time for husband to find something. Anything. Please say a prayer, think a positve though or cross something for us. Every guy I know over 50 wants the WalMart greeter job and not everyone can have it.
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    I must have missed a post or two - I've been absent lately.

    I will keep positive thoughts that things go in yours and husband's favor.
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    ((HUGS)) I completely understand and am sending prayers and supportive thoughts for you and your husband. The economy is so much worse than anything I've ever seen- the 70's, early 90's- those were bad enough. Personally, I think this is a depression because it's so much worse than a typical recession. I wish him luck and just remember, many, many people are struggling in unimaginable ways right now. I feel sure that his previous company is strapped for money and that's why they are fighting this. Hopefully, your husband can still get some financial relief. We had a job fair here and for every potential employer, hundreds of people showed up. I'm hearing that hundreds apply for every job opening of any kind so employers can take the ideal candidate, which means someon already employed somewhere else and someone with experience in that area. There just aren't enough jobs to go around right now. Check into any and all help as soon as you can. Some utility companies will give you a break on payments if you call them soon enough. I'm not sure what point you are at in all this, as far as finances but I'm learning now that there was other help I could have accessed last year if I'd known about it. I know no one wants to go the route of asking help, but desparate times call for desparate measures. PM me if you think I can help in any way. In the mean time, you'll remain in my thoughts and prayers and many well wishes are being sent.
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    Thanks ladies. KLMNO I was so surprised to read your post about unemployment right after I posted mine. We were originally denied the appeal because they received it late but I drafted a letter saying he miscalulated how long it took for mail service and they pulled the envelope and could see it was in fact mailed on time and was received only one day late. I just don't get a feeling that this is meant to be, too many roadblocks. I tried asking for help but I make too much to qualify for mortgage relief. I don't get how that is, I truly don't make enough to support my family alone. They didn't want to count cost for medications lol. The next step is to give up my retirement. I guess I'm feeling rather resolved. This is a really difficult time and I know I'm not in it alone.
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    ML, that is what got me- before I could qualify for services/help, I had to go thru every penny in savings and pay bills late. I didn't "get" how the system works because 1) I'd never been thru anything so drastic before and 2) I was trying desparately to hold onto hope and faith that something would break with a job before getting to that point. As a result, I cashed in difficult child's education fund, my retirement fund, and all available credit trying to keep up with bills that I could have gotten help with, then had to file bankruptcy. Now that I'm basicly indigent, I'm learning about all this help and the methods that could have helped a year ago. Call your utility companies. If you are paying medication insurance on you or manster, call your primary care physician's office and see if their medical system has any assistance program (not their specific office, but the hospital system that is usually "sponsoring" them). Is your husband a veteran by any chance? If so, PM me. He can call Goodwill- I understand they have some sort of re-employment program similar to the VA's. He might have to go along with some program requirements, but I figure it's worth it if it gets me back on my feet. Whatever you do, don't keep drawing on credit to pay bills that there are ways of getting assistance for like I did. I wish now I'd filed for BR sooner, but as we all know, hind sight is 20-20. difficult child's education fund would have been protected. Admittedly though, I was so ticked at him for pulling the knife on me and ending up in state Department of Juvenile Justice and finding out how much he'd put on my CCs he stole, I didn't care at the time. Well, it's not that I didn't care, I just resented it and figured "why should I go hungry because I put this money into an account for my kid who turned on me".
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    Sending prayers, holding a positive thought, casting spells and lighting GREEN candles!
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    major ju ju!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way....
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    Rattling beads for you ML and husband! They probably have an attorney on retainer for this type of thing...

    Keep your chin up!

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    Prayers being said and all body parts crossed!
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    Doing everything in my power to will this into happening for you!!!
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    Sending hugs and prayers, and dancing with panthers that husband's appeal is successful!
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    I've got my fingers crossed and am sending supportive thoughts your way. DDD
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    This totally stinks, ML.

    Sending lots of good thoughts to my pal....and some hugs, too.

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    Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.