Positive thoughts needed for son


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He has been applying all over for a job. The job he has now is just a small part time job. He is trying to get full time. After applying at one place, he called them back about setting up an interview (the interviewer was on vacation when he applied). The person answering said he was the only person that applied for the position and he would get a call the following day. A week went by with no phone call and then he found out through someone else that another person came in and got the job. Another place it was between him and one other person. The other person got the job. He just can't get a break and he desperately needs one! All this is driving his anxiety level sky high and making him feel worthless.

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That can be so disheartening. I'm the ultimate optimist, so times like these I think "this just means that an ever bettor opportunity awaits"
Sending positive thoughts for your son that he will soon find something full time.


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My kids have all have the same type of disappointments when applying for jobs. It is hard to get your foot in the door. It can be such a blow to the ego!

He just has to hang in there and something will come along. Its a numbers game. You just have to apply and apply and something will come up.

I am so happy that he is continuing to persevere through the tough times. The job he will eventually get will be so much more valued by him because of all the effort he has to put in to obtain it. And he will be stronger for it.

Hugs to you both. Hang in there.


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Its a numbers game.
I got laid off years ago from a major firm - so we had some resources to help with our job hunt. And the 'numbers game' comment was drilled into us. It seems like job hunting is about like sales... 100 leads to get 10 quotes to get 1 sale. 100 applications to get 10 interviews to get a job. That's averages... so sometimes more, sometimes less. But the "100 applications" seemed like an awful lot at the time.


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That's disheartening for anyone!
Sending good thoughts and strong wishes for your son to find the perfect job for him.

My granddaughter had trouble getting a job too. She was pretty bummed. The job she interviewed for in the beginning decided not to hire anyone. So,she kept looking, but discouraged because she really wanted that first job. After about 6 weeks, that first job called her back and hired her! So, it was true that
"this just means that an ever bettor opportunity awaits"

Hoping that is true for your son too.


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Thanks for the encouragement and good thoughts for him. He really wanted the job that was to call him back the next day. It was very close to our house (his car engine died so he has no car), decent pay, and hours he liked. I told him that there's a chance the person might not work out and maybe they'd call him. Keeping my fingers crossed that it happens but also told him to focus on filling out more applications wherever he hasn't applied yet.


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Dear Flowergarden

I remember how hard this was for me at his age. It is so hard for everybody to get a break.

We take rejection personally when it i not. I hope your son understands that the people who were hired may have had much more experience than did he. Or specific training pertinent to the job.Oftentimes friends are hired or friends of friends.

He is being tested and he is proving himself. It is not the specific job that is important. He is showing himself to be a person of strength, motivation, who perseveres. That is what makes the difference in life. I would tell him that. We are proud of him.

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Hi FG, I'm sorry that a job hasn't come through yet. One of the lessons it took both my son's a while to learn is to apply for a bunch of jobs all at once and then see what happens. They would go for one job at a time which is nerve wracking. I know it's hard when they don't have a car and transportation is an issue as well. My Difficult Child used to say he would never walk to work or ride a bike or the bus. But after all of his troubles that is what he ended up doing. He had to go way, way down to end up appreciating having a car today. I hope your son gets a "yes" very soon. And hoping you can find some comfort in the process---he is learning some tough but ultimately important lessons now that will serve him well in later life. But it is hard on us in the meantime. Hang in there! Hugs.


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Positive thoughts are working! He has an interview tomorrow morning with the job he really wanted but person didn't call him back on. Keep sending those positive thoughts his way please!


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YAY! I am so happy for you and your son.

Your post brought up memories about two of my kids (the two sons) who had a difficult time. My easy child was fired from his first job within two weeks and it was just too awful because he was devastated. It was a fast-food pizza place and my son just "wasn't up to par". Telling him that not being up to par for this place was not a bad thing did not help him feel better. (Heck, it did not help his parents feel that great).

I understand the angst, but it can get much better down the road. So happy your son got the job! As others have said, the job search can be so disheartening.