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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Dec 11, 2008.

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    wm. wm's Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) manager & in home therapist stopped by the house for signatures on his annual review & updated treatment plan.

    Keep in mind, I haven't been able to drive up to see him in over 3 months due to my driving limitations, so this update was so very exciting.

    wm had a complete medication overhaul; a medication wash if you will. Our psychiatrist agreed that he would change wm's medications to what kt is taking because of the success in kt after her medication wash while she was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    wm has jumped up a level in day treatment. He's in an extreme Occupational Therapist (OT) program 3x weekly. It's teaching him to be aware of his body ~ he's learning to recognize how busy he is & how to slow down. He's learning to see outside of his personal space & see others when he enters a room. This is huge for wm. HUGE!

    What impressed me most was therapist's report on a trip to Occupational Therapist (OT). She picked him up from group/foster home. wm was ready & calm. He handed therapist a CD and ask (not demanded) really asked politely if they could play it on the way to the clinic. When therapist asked wm what it was, he told her it was a meditation CD. That number 4 was the best & would she play it? In the car wm is usually a busy boy; touching & moving everything he can. Stealing anything that sits out on a seat, opening & closing windows (or doors if the child lock isn't on). If in the front seat he messes with the radio, grabs knobs & checks out any storage spaces he can find.

    On this trip, after wm buckled in with-o being reminded in the back seat (for everyone's safety), he positioned himself into what I think is the lotus position & started meditated. therapist said that 10 minutes into the trip she stopped the car because wm wouldn't respond to her voice. She check to see if he was still breathing. Apparently he was deep into meditation & she startled him.

    Attachment therapist had started some meditation with wm, but no one was aware how much wm was utilizing it in his room at night & in the early morning.

    My son has a long way to go but hearing this update had me elated. wm is invested in his treatment at this point (for the first time ever). I'm so proud of him ~ I'm going to do my best to get a release to drive up to group home to visit him. If that doesn't work, I'm asking Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker to give me a ride up there & back on one of kt's respite weekends.

    I needed to hear this today; needed to hear the wm was invested & improving. It's been a long time since I've hear anything positive yet alone 45 minutes of exciting positive choices being made by my "chick magnet with the cutest dimples" son.
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    Thanks for mentioning this, Linda. I think I'll try this for difficult child 3. I've tried before but he just hasn't connected with it. However, I'm sure somewhere I have a good tape/CD that he will be able to use. If necessary I'll do one for him, I have some good visualisations I can give him. But I'd rather start him on some fairly generic tapes.

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    Wow Linda-This post gave me goosebumps. I couldn't be happier for wm and you! It is so wonderful to hear of the progress wm is making. Saying continued prayers this continues!
  4. smallworld

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    This kind of positive report makes a mom's heart sing. Thanks for sharing your happy news.
  5. Andy

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    What an awesome Christmas gift for you. So long in coming!

    Way To Go Wm.
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    what a wonderful update on wm!!! Your boy just may be beginning to move forward! I think the drive with the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker sounds like a plan. At least that way you can rest and regroup on the way home. I'm sure wm would appreciate the visit before the holiday.

    Great news!

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    I am so happy to hear this, Linda! You so deserve some good news and to have it be about Wm is wonderful!
  8. meowbunny

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    Wow!!!! Those are some pretty awesome baby steps he's taking. I'm so very glad you got some good news. You certainly need and deserve it.
  9. TerryJ2

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    Wow! What positive responses! Awesome. I hope he continues on the right track. That is great. I can feel the good vibes all the way through the computer. :)
  10. BestICan

    BestICan This community rocks.

    What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing!
  11. bran155

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    Great news!!! Keeping my finger's and toe's crossed for more progress. :)
  12. Linda,

    How wonderful to hear such good news!

    Hope is a wonderful and beautiful thing isn't it? Hang on to it.
  13. crazymama30

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    Good news is great, and sometimes comes at the time we need a lift the most. Good for Wm.
  14. JJJ

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    How awesome! Way To Go wm!
  15. Jena

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    I"m sorry i'm so late to this. But, wow what amazing news. That really is huge. It's partially what we all hope to achieve with our difficult child's.

    Thank you for sharing his progress with us, it's so nice to read the positives at times. I hope for his continued success.

    You must be so thrilled.
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    That is great news!! Not only have they started finding more effective treatments for him, but HE is really trying and doing his best!! That scores 2 points (and big points) in my book!! Yes, you sure were due some good news and I'm very happy for you and Wm both!! Many pats on the back to him from his board Aunties!
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    :beautifulthing: sniff, sniff....
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    WOW! This is huge!

    I hope he continues to show interest in meditation. It seems like such a positive and controllable (for him) solution to many situations.
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    Such good news, Linda!
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    Most of you know me ~ I'm not generally a outwardly emotional person; mostly I use my sense of humor. However, I broke down in tears listening to therapist.

    I cried even more when instead of just changing the dates on wm's treatment/risk management plan, there were actual changes for the better. More age appropriate skills to practice (he doesn't need to learn them - wm knows the skills); now it's all practice & putting what he's learned into action. With lots of support & help yes, but doing it none the less.

    Thank you all - I knew that most of you who "know & love" my tweedle dum :bigsmile:would appreciate this update.

    My heart has been on wings for a couple of days now. Positive strides & choices being made by both of the tweedles - well, it will keep your heart on wings. :angel2: