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I saw my opthomologist yesterday.

After a careful exam, the doctor told me that the retinal blisters had cleared & that there is no sign of shingles inside my eye. It's an all clear for my eyes & the disease!!!! :whew: Other than a higher risk for cataracts & some minor nerve damage my eyesight should come back to normal.

The doctor felt those moments of blindness were from the meningitis putting pressure on the optic nerve & now that the pressure in the brain has backed off my vision should be okay. :bow:

Ladies, of all things the eyesight thing was terrifying me the most. I really needed to hear this yesterday - a positive report.

It's going to take a while for my vision to return completely to normal & I'm learning to use a magnifying program on the computer right now. Please forgive me for not being around as much as I usually am - that day will coming again & soon. You all will be tired of hearing from soon. :rofl:

Just wanted to share this positive - I was so excited I broke down in tears at the doctors office.


What wonderful relieving news. Mean while rest up. We look forward to your experienced replies.


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Linda, no wonder you broke down in tears of joy over this. I join everyone in the happy dance line for you.

I know you still have so many things to overcome, but this is a huge positive!! I am so glad you got this news!!

:bravo: :dance: :bravo:


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WAHOOO!!! :bravo: :smile: :whew:

Well, it's about dang time you got some positive news!

Suz :princess:

I've been really worried about you!!! THANKS for the positive update!!! I think a celebration is in order!!! :smile: :flower:...

And, vent away... We're not going to get tired of hearing from you!!! WFEN :flower: