Positives About My Son! Please read

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Hello all! Thanks for your help, but time to move over to General-(cya over there) my son turned 6 :sigh: My baby is getting older. So since I am always complaining here is just some of his good side!


    Good Looking

    Can be thoughtful at times ( like carrying something for me or guiding his great-grandfather)

    Does pull weeds/yard work hehe so cute.. he tells me he is a big boy he can do it

    When he was over 11/2 yrs -almost 2 years old he knew left and right perfectly

    He loves to cook and invent foods ( some were edible)

    He has a "funny evil laugh while moving his eyebrows up and down" when in a good mood

    He can sleep in any position anywhere he is sitting or laying. He even fell asleep standing up once!

    He is great at T-Ball

    He lectures us on driving- if my friend goes pass a stop sign" ooh policeman is gonna get you" or when approaching one he warns us.."Slow down,stop,cant you see" and talks about the rules of the road...

    He has been blowing kisses and holding little girls hands since about 1 years old - always blushing around them, ask when he can get married and have cute babies ..uh oh!

    He is so strong he has been moving lazy boy recliners since he could walk! But yet he drops the gallon of milk!

    He and my daughter (snuck her in here ) wraps their toys or papers,drawings and gives me them as gifts- the best type :)

    He copies us and tries to fix the door hinges and says "he's Mr fix it man" and sometimes he asks us to pay him!

    He is not scared of shots- he actually watches them!

    He loves to swim and pretend he is an Olympic swimmer ( far from it hehe)

    He wants to be a Policeman and Firefighter he says when he grows up

    Just Improved in his math and better at reading

    Although he's still in speech, he sometimes uses sign language and trying to speak Spanish

    Now is in a art class

    Getting better at video games... go figure, but I do limit them

    When he wants to take care of animal he does so with lots of love and tries to design playgrounds and toys for them

    Loves to dance

    Takes pride in his hair.yup his hair.. :)
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    So amazing to do this - at least once in a while. :flirtysmile3:
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    Good for you to acknowledge the good through all the bad. I know it's hard sometimes but our kids are more good than we sometimes acknowledge when there's so much gfgness going on. Thanks for sharing the side of your difficult child that we don't get to hear about much (although VERY understandable). Keep this list for future reference.....frame it....hang it where HE can see it....???
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    Yes, hope you tell him all these things about himself on a regular basis, Confused :)
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    Thank you :hi5:
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    Yes, thank you :) I will keep posting stuff about my kiddos like this, it will be over on the older forum side now. He did it again earlier! I was vacuuming the living room, he jumped off the couch and picked up his and his sisters kids folding table to move out of the way! I started crying and hugging him! He started laughing and said " mom with a smirk" I told him how sweet he was and what a big boy he was to do that. Aw :):dance:
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    Yes, I do tell him and my daughter how much they mean to me, how much when they do something it means to me. I give them notes and and spend time with them etc.Even after his tantrum today, he came out and I repeated my thanks for the vacuuming and how he is such a sweet boy. I honestly told him that I wrote a list on a parenting site. My kids know Im on here, I tell them that mommy needs to learn too, so this is my help so I can be better for them. Its true :) They liked that. Confused I still am lol. :runcirclsmiley2:
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    I think this is really sweet and I love that you let them know it..... You are a wonderful mom.
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    :choir: Sing their praises it helps the not so grat times a bit easier to deal with.
  10. Confused

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    Thank you, I never do feel right when I come here or the Dr's and always harp on whats wrong with him! Thank you :)
  11. Confused

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    Your right, Im trying to remind them as much as possible. Hopefully it does or will help in between. Thank you :)
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    He sounds like a great kid! Isn't that nice to hear?! So many qualities that are fun and entertaining an will keep a smile on your face (between all other expressions!) Wonderful!
  13. Confused

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    Yes, thank you, it is nice to hear :)