Possession not in our IEP...and you?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Mar 7, 2008.

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    Star* call 911........call 911

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    Wow. That's odd. I wonder if they've investigated?? Or just left it as "possession"??
  3. susiestar

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    Interesting. While I don't discount much of anything, I do not give much credence to this. But hey, my kid has done stranger things.

    I think something in the food, like in the Salem Witch Trials, maybe? The scientists think that the "witchcraft" hysteria was started mostly because ergot poisoning. Not sure that is exactly the right name for it, but a fungus in the rye they ate caused the symptoms that were supposed to be witchcraft AND the hysteria by many of the people. Tho, in Salem, I am sure it was also used by the people in charge to push an agenda.

    Anyway, some type of poisoning or other is my bet. Or a drug problem.

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    I was just thinking the same thing, Susie. In fact, I printed the article to share with my juniors because we just finished The Crucible. There are several interesting theories as to what happened in Salem---one is ergot poisioning, but that was ruled out because it leads to gangrene in those who have been poisoned. Another theory is that it is simply hysteria gone awry. If you have been raised to believe that all bad things happen because of evil spirits---then you tend to believe that evil spirits can possess people---then someone has to be bringing the evil spirits into the innocent "children"---and so on. Thanks for sharing though. It will add to my "interesting" teaching file.
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    My first thought was the kids found a great way to get out of school and have fun running amok in the process. Worked last year, no reason to not try again this year.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Bunny, if there is a shred of truth to what you just said -
    I'm NEVER EVER going to show this article to Dude.

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    Well, let me tell you, Uganda isn't anyplace we would want to be, and it ain't just the demons!
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    PRINT the article. Then, when he complains about HIS KIDS, show THEM the article.

    Sitting here with a big ole grin,

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    Susie you devil!!! :devil::rofl::rofl: