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    i am new to this site and it took lots of prayer for me i am normally a private person . That has all changed since my son was diagnosis in 2001 with adhd and now i am going through the early stages of odd&cd it's combined he is always in trouble in school and he blames everyone i used to spank him you know spare the rod and spoil the child that 's how i grew up .i love my son and only want the best for him but i am at the end of my rope what do i do? where do i go i beg and beg and beg for help and it is not easy i am not giving up on him it's i have given up on my self this is so hard for me i don't sleep i have gained weight 150 pounds looks bad on me i am only 5'1!. All the attention is on him and i have a 1 year old that just is used to him having the attention already she just gets her toys and play and knows that he is going to act out if she tries for any kind of contact or attention from me or her dad and it's not fair to her! when he is in school i have peace because he not her with me , but their for 8 hours making some one else want to pull there hair out! i am now going through this fight with the school about the 504 plan iep all the above that can help my child ! his teachers are suppose to send me home a daily report on him and they don't i have to pray every day before i go to the school they feel as though it's too much work one of them told me now what kind of :censored2: is that? !. if any one has any advice please feel free to give it i need all the help i can get it's hard every day is a struggle it has caused me to become depressed because i hate to see my son go through this and i am fighting with all that is within me . He is very smart he makes A's & B's and is on the principal list has been since he started school , but this odd and cd has taken over now . his adhd is in control as far as i see but what do i know i am so lost i don't know where to begin have been going around in circles since 2001 still trying to figure all this out ! i get a phone call every day about him the only time the school don't call is when they don't have school or the weekends. he started out taking (addrerall xr, 30mg ) now he takes( meadate cd,40 mg) the highest doses for his age 11 and he get to school at 7:00 and the school either call me or his dad at 8:00 before 8:30 every morning ! when i hear the phone ring and look at my caller id box and see it's the school my heart drops . this is really hurting me i have chest pains and bad headaches !but the bible says that god won't put on you more than you can bare and i have been through alot the last couple years so i must me stronger than i think i am .
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    Hi Prayerful! Wow! I thought I was the only one who dreads the phone ringing!

    First: take a breath - a deep one. You won't be any help to anyone if you don't give yourself a break. If you think you're suffering from depression because of the situation, go to your doctor and spell it out for them. Explain the chest pains, the anxiety, the sleeplessness, the difficulties with your son, the weight gain, etc. If you look at half of the profiles of the people on this site, most are dealing with the same type of situation that you're in and many are being medicated for depression. There's no shame in it, since you can't scream and yell and jump up and down, it's natural that your body becomes the "whipping post for your mind!".

    Second: go get Ross Greene's "The Explosive Child". You may or may not choose to go his route for parenting your child, but he does give you insight about the way that your son's brain works.

    Third: Try and take a look at your son objectively. Does he seem to have sensory issues (loud noises freak him out, itchy tags in his clothes, meet your eyes, etc)? What type of professional diagnosed your son? Have you had a neuropsychologist evaluation done? There may be more than meets the eye with his difficulties.

    Forth: Make sure that you read up on some of the stuff on the Spec. Ed. forum. There are certain laws and accomodations that need to be followed by the Board of Ed. when it comes to kids with disabilities.

    Try and go into the "My Stuff" and update your profile. You usually want to throw in info. on your family, diagnosis', siblings, etc. It makes it easier for people to get to know you and saves a lot of your time when you're talking about what's going on.

    Relax Prayerful, you found a great group! :smile:

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    thank you and yes he has been seen by a psy-doctor he was diagnosis: 2001 .. i am trying to relax i went to movies today with out my kids or husband with a girl friend she is single but she is always there to let me vent when needed i need all the venting listeners i can get ! :smile: i meet with school tommorrow and have an appointment with the board of education and have been looking for a school that speacialize in speacial needs children . this is a full time job!!!!! :highvoltage: he doesn't have sensory promblems he from what i have read has a combo of odd& cd and adhd man it's like one disorder then another they all are mixed in one some how ! well prayer is a good thing has keep me alive this long and i am 32 years old :wink: i could jump up and down and scream then someone would want to take me to the hospital or doctor to get me some medications(lol)i will get that book when i go back to the book store have to finish reading book about ahdh first if i start a new book won't finish the one iam reading !have a i have heard that changing my son's diet will help well we don't eat pork or red meat just chicken fish and turkey and veggies of course .what kind of diet i heard taking carbs and sugars out but he already don't get sugar if you know of this let me no thankyou :smile: