Pot being legal doesnt make up for the cold.....

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Got a message from difficult child last night.... its really cold in CO (duh it is November) and so he is going to head back south and then go South and East. He also said he was on the streets... so last night I was stewing about him beign homeless on the streets and cold. My husband said something about it being good for him to travel around!! Geez my husband is always the optimist! But I have to remind myself that he has figured out how to survive.... this is the 3rd time I have given him a friend to call who he hasnt called... so he is finding ways to take care of himself without my help. I am glad I am hearing from him but it does pull me into his life and gets me thinking and worrying about him more obsessively again. I have to for my own sanity take a step back and focus on other things.... but it can be hard to do. Anyway he is thinking once he gets to a warmer place some camping stuff might be better than a warm coat for Xmas. So we shall see what he asks for? He suggested a gift card but we are not going to do that... we want to know what it is we are giving him and not have it be easy to sell.

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    Yes you've done the gift card before. It's amazing to me how he can just live day to day, minute to minute with nothing. And yet he manages to do it.
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    It amazes me too because i would have no idea how to do what he was doing.... and a year ago i dont think he knew how to do it either!! But he has learned to survive and maybe that is giving him some sense of accomplishment and travelling around is better than standing on a street corner doing nothing I guess.

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    Boy, I sure hear ya! It really is hard to focus on other things when our difficult child's reach out to us and tell us what's going on in their lives. I know for me I have tendency to feel like I am walking in their shoes with them and need to do something, say something, that helps. And your husband...LOL, sounds like mine. He doesn't sweat out their "travels through life" like I do...so I understand.

    Your son is doing things "his way"...and reaching new conclusions along the way too. So far he has shown remarkable resourcefulness and that he also is a survivor.
    I know he has many board prayers coming his way as he "travels".

    I think you are so wise to consider how to go about the "gift giving".

    You do such a good job of taking care of yourself TL. I admire your daily strength.