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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by 4sumrzn, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. 4sumrzn

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    The power was out for over 6 hours yesterday afternoon/evening. I used to never have much of a problem finding things to do by candle light. Last night was a different story. We took advantage of the day light as much as we could....not much to do in the rain. Then dark. Anyway, the 3 of us....me, husband & difficult child, pretty much grumped around. difficult child ended up going to sleep a little early. husband & I hardly spoke 5 words the rest of the evening.....what's up with that? Is it possible that we depend so much on power that our conversations even depend on it somehow? I just thought it was really strange.

    I know I depend on "white noise", mainly to sleep. So, I knew that was going to be a problem at bedtime. But, NOT conversation & such. Even one of the dogs decided he wanted to be "anti-social" & wanted to go outside~curled up next to the grill (had to get out the treats to get him to come in & that almost didn't work).

    Suppose I just want to know what you think. Besides the obvious, is power that important or were we just going through a funk of an evening?
  2. Abbey

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    *chuckle* Even the dog was anti-social.

    I'm quite certain people are very dependent on power. Eons ago I used to live in a cabin in the woods that had no power. Thank God it had running water. I think that is when I developed my love of reading. Not much else to do.

  3. Andy

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    All those days when the kids were very little that you just prayed for a day of peace and quiet and when you get one, it doesn't feel right. Remember when we wish the kids would just settle down and take a nap and then when they did we would sometimes instead of going into peace mode switch to panick mode - they are not like this, is something wrong? are they sick?

  4. Shari

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    We just got back from a primitive camping trip. We didn't even pack in water - we boiled water from the spring. We stayed up late the first night, but the remainder we were up and down with the sun. Wee difficult child didn't even wet the bed and his behavior was superb 3 of the 4 days.

    It made me think how his life would be different if we didn't live in a modern/technological world. Granted we weren't going to die in 4 days, but difficult child's attributes were assets on our trip. His energy and stamina were put to good use again and again, gathering firewood, catching crawdads to boil, etc.

    Was just an eye-opening trip like your power outage was. I think there's something to it. Quite possibly A LOT to it.
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    Shari...my husband would have loved your camping trip. The man lives by the song "A country man can survive"...lol. Me...I think of camping as roughing it at the local motel six. I dont like bugs, heat or lack of facilities.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Our last power outage -?

    At first I thought - OH this is going to be fun. DF can not survive without AC and TV. So when the power went - I thought - HEY cards? Board game? A glass of kamora and milk to use up the ice before it melted. Nope - he was FRANTICALLY running around out in the garage with every flashlight available trying to start the generator to back-feed HIS den so he had TV and AC.

    I enjoyed the show - lol. The dogs chose to come in with me in candle light and take advantage of listening to the rain and nothing else. By the time DF figured the generator was kaput I was retired to my room and me and the boys were all snoring away.

    Upside? Now that generator will work if we get a real emergency - (not having AC and TV to me are NOT emergencies) lol. :laugh:

    Snort - anti-social dog. WHAT A SCREAM. Has he had these symptoms long? have you had him to a vet-pediatrician neurologist?, what medications is he on? How old is he?

    Our lives are so hysterical sometimes.
  7. Hound dog

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    I love primitive camping trips, even with all the work involved, and it can be alot of work. easy child and sister in law are planning one soon. I have a feeling I'm going to be invited along. I'm the only one who knows how to cook over an open camp fire. lol

    But I'll decline. easy child needs to lean, and won't with me there. And they need some alone time as a family.

    husband and I've discussed camping once the kids are gone. Just husband and me roughing it........... Well......I know I'll have fun. :rofl:

    As for the last time our lights went out.......that was the ice storm that lasted for eternity. I certainly don't want to repeat that one again. Although it was one of the nicests xmases we've ever had.
  8. 4sumrzn

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    Yep, I think I'll pass on the power going out again unless I am BY MYSELF!!!!! And, as far as my puppy that freaks out over storms & now when the power goes out......he can just go hide in a room by himself if it happens again! The primitive camping....I would LOVE it, but leave my family at home ;)

    Star.....too funny. He's a 3 1/2 year old Border Collie that I rescued when he was 18mos old. And, ya know.......I think he was abused as a puppy. There are certain things he is really scared of......brooms, bats, hose, & more. A vet-pediatrician neurologist.....thanks for the giggle!!!