power outage, thanksgiving and other rambling thoughts....

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    Had a snow, ice and WIND on Monday. Got home from work okay just to have the power go out and stay out until very late Wednesday night. Good thing I bought husband a generator for Christmas last year. It came in very handy. Three years ago, the power was out for 9 days and we lost all the food in the freezers. This year, I was able to save the food. But having no power right before Thanksgiving is not fun. Stayed up almost all night making the pies and desserts.

    But on the plus side...my Dad picked easy child up from the airport and he got in just as the last pie came out of the oven.

    difficult child-Ant had called on Tuesday to see what time our dinner was because he wanted to go to the in-laws/sister in law's dinner. I was glad Ant wanted to come to our dinner, but it really hurt my feelings that he wanted to go to the other dinner with how mean those people treat his parents.

    But, Thanksgiving day...Both of my boys stayed with us the whole time. We had a wonderful dinner. It was so nice having the boys around.

    difficult child-Step wouldn't acknowledge us at all. Wouldn't return a text message or answer a call.

    When does the pain of betrayal go away? It really hurts to be so despised and hated by so many people. Okay, not that many, just Step, my in-laws and my sister in law. All because of whatever lies Step told.

    I really should be over this and most of the year, I seem to be. It's just the holiday season that brings it out. And sister in law who has refused to talk to me since Sept 09 because of whatever Step told her....sent a message thru Ant that she wants husband to come pick up our annual Christmas Wreath on Thanksgiving. (Could that be because Mommy-dearest would be there and she'd get to see her son?)

    husband called and said he'd get it this weekend. And knowing how soft he is, he probably will. My suggestion was to tell them to stuff it -----! I don't want it! And I won't hang it on my house. It's a beautiful wreath (brother in law works at the place that makes them and gets them for free each year)... but why would I want to put something on my house that will daily remind me of the non-relationship I have with my sister in law - who used to be my BFF.

    If husband picks it up, he can give it away to anyone else or throw it away. I refuse to have it at my house. I know that sounds spiteful and maybe I am being that way. But it's not being given out of love or anything.

    Okay, enough ramblings for now. Thanks.
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    I think holidays stir up feelings and memories that we can otherwsie suppress the rest of the year. The hurt that you feel probably won't ever go away completely, but in time, it will fade. The best that you can do is just make the holidays ahead of you the best that you can with new memories and/or new traditions.

    We got a generator several years ago. A couple of years ago, the power went out for about 3 1/2 days in the middle of February, during an ice storm. It was awful. Though we had the generator, we were only able to use it for lights and small appliances, until last year when he hooked up a GenSwitch on our electric panel. Now, we have the basics, like heat, lights and fridge. Since we live in the boonies, we have well and septic, so without electric, we have no water. With the generator switch, we can turn the well on (everything else has to get turned off) a few times a day. I would never have been able to live in pre-electric days....ugh! Lol.
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    But:gifts:...........I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thanksgivingday:
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    Thank you Star! You made my day!:jumphappy: