Prayers and Good Juju for father in law, stepMILand husband

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jul 23, 2013.

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    My father in law and stepMIL are salt of the earth, never complaining types. He was a high school football coach for many many years and never complains about anything much, esp his health.

    We got a message on husband's phone that father in law is going into the hospital today. husband finally got in touch with them and father in law is having an angioplasty. He had a heart attack some years ago but recovered fully. He is quite good about taking care of himself for the most part, but it is still serious. StepMIL is having a very hard time and does NOT need this as she lst both a daughter and a grandson in the last year. She is very upset but trying not to show it. If something happens to father in law, I don't know if she could handle it.

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    Saying prayers!
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    Saying prayers.

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    Prayers sent..........
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    Praying all goes well.
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    I.m praying for you.
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    Sending prayers.
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    Thank you all so very much. When husband spoke to him in the early evening, he was his normal self. father in law did have 2 stents put in, but was up and sitting in the chair and walking to the restroom unassisted. Which means stepMIL had to sit on him to make him wait until a nurse or orderly could be there in case he got wobbly.

    I am impressed by father in law with all of this. He is actually being a fairly good patient from what we know.

    Again, THANK YOU!!!!!