Prayers for my mom please


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My mom has been battling a few different types of cancer over the past 5 years and the most recent one which is in her lymphnodes appears to be winning. She has been having a lot of pain in her back and with her kidneys and they believe it has also moved into her bones and is affecting her kidney. She has been in the hospital since last Thursday and I didn't find this out until yesterday when I got home from VT because my dad didn't want to ruin my vacation, but they have hooked her up with hospice. They live in Florida and I live in CT. They aren't sure right now if she is going to be able to go home for a while and have hospice come to the house, or if she will have to go directly to the hospice facility.

I'm waiting out the next few days for them to do a test with her kidneys to see exactly what we are dealing with and then I will decide when to go down. My first instinct is to go now, but my dad said not yet. I guess I shouldn't run there now to find out I have to go back in a few weeks. I know my work would understand and I could take as much time as I need, so I'm just waiting a few days.

She is in a lot of pain right now in her leg and in her back. Please say prayers that she can become comfortable enough to not suffer everyday. I guess I have faced the fact that prayers are not going to make the cancer go away, but I can pray that she lives the rest of her time comfortably.

Thanks in advance as I know I can count on each and every one of you.


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Sending prayers that you will all find comfort. {{{hugs}}} to you in this difficult time. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.



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Karen, sending many gentle hugs and strong prayers for your mom. So sorry. Hospice care workers are truly angels here on earth. My mom experienced pain only for about 30 seconds while under hospice care, she was given great comfort without fail.



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been there done that. I'm so sorry for your family. My mother (and my father) had Hospice come to the house for many months. They were WONDERFUL with both of them. I admire Hospice greatly for doing what they do. It helps the patient and it gives the primary caregiver (your father) a break. I lived in MO at the time my mother became very ill and she lived in south TX. I made the commute several times, but wasn't there when she died. I did the best I could do. My prayers are with you.


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Karen, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers that your Mom will be filled with peace and without pain. I'm so sorry.


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Oh Karen I am so so sorry that you and your Mom are in pain right now. Cancer is such a horrible horrible disease. I will pray for you Mother to be pain free and feel better.



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Im so sorry Karen. I will also be praying that hospice can relieve your moms pain. They are such a wonderful organization.


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Sending prayers for your mom to be comfortable while in hospice care.

Sending you many HUGS to comfort you during your worries.



This is a terribly difficult situation. I hope you Mom gets some good comforting care and that you can rest a little easier knowing she is being well taken care of. I am sorry that your family is suffering right now.


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Karen I will certainly say prayers for your Mom. Although my
family has not experienced hospice, many have shared that under
hospice care much better pain management is available than when
one is in a hospital. I sure hope so. Hugs. DDD


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God, please bless both karen and her mom. they are both in pain, of a different sort. send peace and compassion, comfort and love. take care of your children, God.


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Sending prayers for you and your mom. My own mother was with hospice in a nursing home for a couple of months before she died from lung cancer. They did a great job keeping her pain free and comforted us as well. Her care in the nursing home was very much improved after we involved hospice.


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Karen, Saying prayers for your family...I think you should go now. If this was me I would be scared and long to see my family. Just to let her see you would make her feel better. Even if you can't do anything. You can hold her hand. Peace to her and your family.-Alyssa


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Oh, Karen, I am so sorry.
I am sending strength and hope and wishes that your mom can get out of pain asap. I personally believe that there is no such thing as too much pain killer. Make sure that someone is on top of that all the time.
Since she's in hospice, it looks like the major part of the diagnosis and decision making has been done.
Hugs and strength to all of you in this troubling time.