prayers needed for a friend

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    who really should be on this board. Her son has already has one psychiatric hospital stay for cutting and agression, and threatened suicide today and has been in the office pretty much every day since school started, and actually tried to physically threaten a teacher today.

    His mom took him to the ER today, they tried to send him home after he had punched a hole in the ER room wall and broken his hand! I sat with her for awhile, and that boy needs help. I could see his eyes change when he was angry, they got black and he had that look of hate in them. Then he started kicking the walls and we left so the staff could rein him in.

    He is in the local hospital for now, but there are no pediatric units here and there were no more beds available at the moment in the few there are in the state. Please send thoughts, prayers, rattle beads, whatever for this family. She has no one to support her, her 7 yr old was home sick when all this happened and she had to take him with her!
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    Sending supportive thoughts for your friend and prayers that her dear son receives the help he needs.
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    Hugs and prayers going out.
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    Ugh, that's just awful for everyone involved. You are a good friend to help like you did. I hope she's able to find someone to help the boy.
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    I'm also glad she has you. Sounds like she is very alone with a lot on her plate. Sending good thoughts and vibes her way and hoping her difficult child has a breakthrough this hospital stay
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    Adding in more prayers.
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    Thank you all, it has been sheer hades for her. Yesterday they called the code for an out of control patient.......on the pediatric floor. Yep, was him. They transferred him down to the psychiatric emergency services unit, really kinda scarey place for a kiddo, they put the seriously unstable there. He is down there wit 1:1 sitter. I guess they tried to send him to the facility that had him a year or so ago and kept him for 45 days, but sent him home a zombie and really did nothing. It is more of a longer term program.

    Her and psychiatrist (who does not have hospital privileges) think he needs acute care then transition to longer term care. I told her to insist on it, she will tick people off and that is the way it will be. Be strong, stay calm when talking to people, and do what you beilieve is best. She is supposed to meet with the social worker today, the one that told her Monday to take him home and that he needed to be in jail, no she meant juvie!!! I told her to call and request a different social worker, to say she is not comfortable with R, and if they ask why calmly explain why. Tell them that she believes he needs help, and that juvie won't help her and what R said was very hurtful and offensive.

    Her psychiatrist is a couple hundred miles away, she chose to stay with him when she moved, I think a bad choice but it was hers to make. Her difficult child's counselor is on vacation. I have been doing what I can, but with my own difficult child and husband who is a difficult child x 2 , easy child and work there is not much I can really do.

    Thank you all for your cyber support, she needs it so badly.