Prayers please


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Northern California is under siege with fires over 70,0000 acres and over 2000 homes and businesses lost. We were evacuated early Monday morning.
So far our home is intact.
Please pray for all of us.
It's been a tough couple of days.
We can use all the help we can get.
Thank you.


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Yes saw that on TV today. How scary. I'm so sorry this is touching your life.

Prayers for all of you.

I'm seriously scared by all these recent natural disasters, shootings etc. Not sure what it all means...


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We were going to Santa Rosa yesterday to see if it was a place we might want to move to. Had a reservation at Fountaingrove Hotel. We found out yesterday morning it had burned down, so cancelled flight, etc. That’s a very serious situation there. Hope you stay safe!


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I wondered if you were that far north, RE. Please stay safe, and sending prayers that your home is intact. I can't even imagine how frightening this must be.


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I was wondering if you were in that area, RE. Sorry you are going through that and so glad you have evacuated to a safe zone. Joining my wagon with the others.


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i am hundreds of miles south of you, recovering. we have a thick fog of smoke. i mean thick. people are not going out.

i hope all is well.
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Ladies I have dear California friends who have lost homes in the Cobb fires. One could rebuild the other simply could not. So much sadnesss and tragedy. Stay safe and take care. Prayers and a holy rain dance!!