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    Totoro posted about a child on Prazosin. I have never heard of this so I googled it.

    WOW!! This is a medication that has been used for a long time. The side effect profile is fairly well known. It is fairly safe, at least as compared to many other prescription medications.

    This medication works to reduce nightmares induced by trauma. PTSD related nightmares!!!

    J has these periodically. So far the docs have never offered medications other than atarax if she is having a panic attack (often she will wake with total panic, heads into panic attack). We are down from what we used to see, but it is nice to know this is out there. I will send an email to our old therapist, she has a couple of patients that I know who she recommends medications to sometimes. She works with the psychiatrist very well.

    It is amazing to me that we finally have a medication to help the veterans with the trauma related nightmares. What a blessing.