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    I am a friend of a single mother whose child has been "diagnosed" with ODD/ADHD. She has no support whatsoever from those around her and is at her wits' end and can't take it anymore. Her daughter is getting more defiant and physical and is totally out of control. The mother doesn't know what to do but needs a break -- it is all taking its toll physically. Can anyone tell me what to tell her to do when the situation becomes explosive? Obviously, she doesn't want to call the police, but who do you call? Any help is welcome, as this child is like a daughter to me.
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    Hi there.

    How nice of you to care :D.

    Unfortunately, there is no magical answer. in my opinion we need to have HER post so we can ask questions and get answers that you probably don't know such as the child's genetic family background and who diagnosed him.

    Most of us believe the bests diagnosticians are NeuroPsychs, not pediatricians or therapists or school. ADHD/ODD is often a misdiagnosis.

    Can you encourage her to post here? We'd be happy to at least try to give it our best shot?

    One thing she can do is read "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. It won't diagnose him or see if anything is going on that wasn't caught yet, but it may help preserve some peace in the house while she is having him re-evaluated.