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    easy child 3 has learned to roll from his back to his tummy! :) The problem is he hates it on his tummy. But every few min when he is left to him self on the floor he is rolling over. I am forever coming to his rescue turning him back over. He has only been rolling over 2 days. I hope he learns how to roll for his tummy to his back soon.
  2. DammitJanet

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    He hates his tummy? ohhh poor guy. What is it about baby's these days hating tummy time? My first three grands hated tummy time too. I swore my oldest granddaughter was never gonna learn to crawl because we could never get her onto her tummy for her to even attempt to get up on those knees and arms. Every time we tried she screamed like a banshee. She was much happier in her swing, walker or simply sitting on the couch watching tv. Or in bed with me watching tv. Very laid back child.

    Now this newest baby----- already starting to turn over! Loves tummy time. Hates to be on her back. Already pushing up on her arms. She is much more like my boys. I have a feeling she is gonna take after Jamie and Cory. Early crawlers and walkers. Lookout mommy and
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    She may hate it, but it is important that she spend time on her tummy. As long as you know she isn't hurt or in need of a diaper, feeding, etc...., try to let her be on her tummy for a few min at a time. Maybe just 1 min at first, then maybe 1.5 min, etc..... It is HARD to hear them crying, but if she is otherwise OK, she might actually learn to LIKE being on her tummy if you can let her cry for a few min.

    One of my cousin's had a baby that HATED tummy time. Then his big sis spent time with him and he started loving it but only if she was there. The secret? She was giving him a bit of chocolate syrup on her finger if he was on his tummy. No tummy, no yummy is how she explained it. Too her mom a week or so to figure it out, lol. Partly because the sister hid the choc syrup in her bedroom because she got yelled at if she opened the fridge by herself (she was 4). We honestly don't think the baby would ever have done tummy time with-o it, at least not for a long time.
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    Wow - I evidently have not spent enough time around babies - as I have no clue what to say. I do remember when Matt started turning, it was just a couple of days that he could go from back to front without a problem. Good luck:)
  5. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member glad. LOL. Matt is a year older than Cory was when he gave me my first! Just imagine that one. I think babies were more active years ago...or they were from the babies I have been around lately. I have noticed that most of the ones I hear about are walking closer to a year. I mean first steps. My Jamie took first steps at 8 months and was walking steadily at 9 without even needing to hold on to anything. Cory was right behind by a month...first steps at 9 and walking alone at 10. Keyana didnt take her first steps till 13 months.
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    Kiddo took her first step on her first birthday, ignored that for a while, and was walking at 14 months. She said her first word at five months, and hasn't stopped talking since.
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    I like Kiddo's sense of occasion. What was her five-month-old first word, I wonder?
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    It was "Yeah!" with a thumbs-up. The more she giggled, the worse the diaper was going to be, so when I asked how bad it was, that was the reply I got. That was one of the nastiest diapers I've ever changed. Her humor hasn't changed much, either, lol.
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    Haz - that was funny. He sort of tip toed around walking (haha) until he was around 13 months............but talking - good god - the child has never stopped talking. EVER. His first word was ball, for the moon. LOL.

    Janet - you have NO idea how grateful I really am. I keep wanting to make Matt get a vasectomy - but I believe that is illegal??? :)
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    I am hoping easy child 3 figures out how to roll himself or scoot soon. It is really funny how much he rolls over. You'd think if he didn't like it he'd stop.

    Every kid is different. difficult child 2 was running at 8 months. He went from lying on his back to running in a few weeks. He did go through all the stages; just very fast. He didn't have any experience with edges when he took off running. He ran right off the edge of a bed.

    I'm not doing anything different between easy child 3 and difficult child 2 its just that every baby does things at their own pace.

    Some of your stories are very funny.
  11. buddy

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    That is funny, I can picture a little baby, too "motor" for his own good just running off the edge. (since he is alive and well I will choose to laugh)
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    It's been awhile since I had roll over problems (can't believe the difficult child's are both in 20's now!) but tummy to back was a piece of cake for all the children and back to tummy was much harder. If he's on his tummy and gets upset don't his knees scrunch up to his tummy and flip him over again? Guess I'd have to watch him to get it, lol.

    Like everyone has said and I know you've already observed each one is so different from the other it's amazing. Hugs. DDD
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    DDD, I wonder if you'd mind clarifying for me who difficult child 2 and GFGmom are - is the former your grandson and the latter your daughter? I have always wondered when I've seen your signature and have now got around to asking!
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    I think today's babies do achieve those milestones later than their parents generation did but there's a reason for it. My kids were born before all the warnings about letting infants sleep on their stomachs and the risk of crib deaths. Of course we know better now but my generation of parents put babies to sleep on their tummies because they slept sounder that way and because we were afraid that they would choke if they spit up while they were sleeping. They spent a lot more time on their tummies even when awake. My grandson is 2-1/2 now and he achieved those milestones much later than his mother did as a baby. He spent so little time on his tummy that it was unnatural to him and he hated it! I used to put mine on their stomach on a blanket on the floor with a few toys in front of them. They learned to push themselves up with their arms and hold their heads up much earlier than my grandson did. Once they were doing that, it wasn't long before they learned to pull their legs underneath them and not long after that, they were crawling!

    My daughter did everything at a very early age. She was pulling herself up on the furniture when she was really tiny. One day she finally got up the courage to let go and take her first steps and she went from that to running all in one day! She was nine months old. I'll never forget that day! It was a Saturday morning when she took her first steps, by that afternoon she was toddling all through the house, and by that evening when we took her to her grandmas house, she was actually running! So it's a trade-off. Todays babies may not hit some milestones quite as soon as their parents did, but supposedly they're a lot safer.
  15. DammitJanet

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    I heard something or read something somewhere. When baby's are little parents cant wait for them to walk and talk then for the rest of their lives someone is telling them to shut up and sit down!
  16. HaoZi

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    If memory serves, yes.
  17. Star*

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    I've seen a lot of the new-fangled baby stuff and there are what I can only describe to you (my baby is 21) and I used two pillows on the bed to keep him from rolling over - lol, but it's a terry cloth covered pad with two wedges (triangular shaped) and you put the baby in the middle so he/she can NOT roll over.

    Not sure if the goal here is to KEEP him on his back or if he is rolling and just doesn't LIKE his tummy but needs to be there. In that case I wonder if he would just like to be at an angle pointing he could see better. He sounds very intelligent and maybe he's just frustrated he can't see all he hears - prop him up a bit, see how that helps him. ?????

    I know send his Auntie Star a Donkey - That will solve EVERYTHING.
  18. Hound dog

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    A Boppy pillow will make tummy time a bit more fun at this stage because he can see more.

    Mine.......were movers. But easy child hated tummy time at first. She much preferred looking into your face with you talking to her than tummy time. I just set up her stuffed animals in front of her and left her there anyway. Travis came home from the hospital holding his head up and rolling over.........this by the way is not normal and should send up a red flag. I told his pediatrician doctor at the time but she was an idiot and chose not to believe me.

    Darrin didn't mind tummy time. Aubrey hated it at first, I think for the same reason as easy child did. Brandon and Connor didn't get as much as Darrin.......they had a jumparoo they sat in a lot. Oliver is all over the place. His eyes are always so huge he makes me laugh. It's like everything is super fascinating to him. lol

    I think many babies lag behind due to the SIDS fear. (don't get me started on the sleeping on the stomach topic) They have all these do dads to prevent them from rolling over......then when you want them to.....well, yeah. Then there are the bouncy seats, the swings, the jumparoos, the walkers...........ect. It's easy for a parent to plop them into one of those and go do what needs to be done because it keeps them entertained rather than doing floor or tummy time so they can work on their skills.

    Darrin I worked with. Easy because I sat for him and he was here nearly every day. He did everything either early or on time. (no bouncy seats ect) Brandon and Connor have been late on just about everything.

    Before all the do dads that entertain babies, parents had to interact and entertain babies on a much more intense level. I think that is a strong contributing factor.
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    Buster rolls over and starts out holding his head up. Then he gets tired after a few min. and does a face plant on the floor. That is when he starts complaining. Then I flip him back over and within a few min. he is back on his tummy face planted on the floor. His neck and back muscles will eventually get to where he can hold his head up more. Then I think he'll like it more. And be ready to start going places. :)

    His legs don't bunch up under him. He keeps them straight out. It would be easier for him to roll him self back over if he did, but he doesn't.

    I'll try the boppy. He does like to look around.

    I admit I do use the swing and exersaucer for him a lot. Mostly because I don't want him run over by his sibs. lol Most of Busters floor time happens under his swing. He has a big swing called an Amby for a bed so he can't roll over in that like he could a crib. He also gets floor time after everyone else has gone to bed.