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    I went to the pharmacy today to pick up some medications (I seem to spend most of my time there some days) and there was a prescription for husband for prednisone. Oh great. Apparently the oral surgeon he has been seeing for his root canal put him on it. husband did not even know he had been prescribed it, did not know what it was or what it can do, and thought it was an antibiotic. He should be in great shape by the time he sees psychiatrist next week.

    Maybe I will get lucky and prednisone will cause him no problems.

    You know, I was really ticked at first but right now, I don't care. At least he is taking his klonopin twice a day.
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    CM - google Prednisone. It has some very hard side effects depending on the dosage. It is not an antibiotic. I'd talk to the pharmacist ASAP. He/she will give you answers before you'll get a call back from the doctor. It's not a drug that you take for 10 days then stop. There is a weaning factor. Do you know the milligrams prescribed? I would think that more than 5mg per day warrants serious information. I was on 90mg a day and it was horrid.

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    If I take just 10mg of prednisone, I can't sleep, I speed and bet mean. Check with his regular Dr that he's seeing. The oral surgeon probably should not have prescribed this for a root canal. I am actually surprised. I've had many root canals and all I ever got was Tylenol #3 and some antibiotics. Why the pred?
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    Yeah....omg...I would have run screaming from the room if a dentist gave me prednisone! When I even hear that word I behave like there is a vampire in the room and start crossing
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    I hate prednisone. I have about 100 pounds of excess weight thanks to several long courses of prednisone that was supposed to get my asthma under control. The last time I had that discussion with Urgent Care was when I removed the nebulizer and croaked out, "NO PREDNISONE!! EVER AGAIN!!"
  6. gcvmom

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    Prednisone is very well known for inducing mania in bipolar patients. Tread very carefully with this. Did he actually start taking it? If not, DON'T LET HIM!!!
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    Yep, I know it is not an antibiotic, it is a steroid. husband is the one who does not know didly. I told him it was a horrible drug (for him), and that I did not think he should take it. He will not listen to me, so I told him to call psychiatrist and then he lied about. He said he called psychiatrist and psychiatrist said to take it since he was not taking anything so it could not interfere with his medications. I told him I was not worried about interference with medications, and if he was going to lie about what psychiatrist said then at least he could make it sound real. I told him if he gets out of control or violent he won't be here. Done, end of story. So he said, well I am fine now. Ok, so since he is fine now he will always be fine. He then says that they gave him prednisone all the time when he was a kid when he got bronchitis and he was fine. Well, husband was not BiPolar (BP) as a child (at least when he lived with his mom). From what his mom remembers he was a great kid.

    He is so unaware of himself. He does not even know what mania is, he just knows when he feels different. He really cannot even tell many times when he is cycling. He is so emotionally repressed and retarded is is amazing. He actually has no clue what hypomania is. The part that is so frustrating is that he has no short term memory. Maybe from previous head injuries, or it could be from the BiPolar (BP) and/or all the medications but he cannot remember anything. If you take him back through a situation he can remember bits and pieces, but you never know if it is true. He has been known to just tell people what they want to hear because he cannot remember anything else.

    Now he does not want me to go to his doctor appointments again as I ask too many questions. Well, maybe then he would know what medications he was prescribed.