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we moved to a new city in the same state a little over two years ago.

I recently am baffled by the gyno office.

Right away I noticed oddities with doctors and prescription refills. I am taking a wild guess, but perhaps it’s because there are a lot of tourists here. But then again, if you see the doctor for a year or more and have a local address...I think you should be considered an established local patient.

My gp would never do refills over the phone. Under any circumstances.You always had to come in. She switched to concierge. I pay a yearly fee. Of course, now it’s suddenly the opposite and she will do refills over the phone for most things. I have more to say about this, but...I wish to talk about my main reason for the post...the recent gyno situation. :(

So we went out of town for Christmas and then I was sick with fever and a super bad cold. I didn’t realize my HRT had run out of refills. I have a Biest/estrogen cream and a Progesterone tablet.Both low dose. I had two days left and called for a refill. By a stroke of luck I called the pharmacist and he said it was denied as the doctor office said I had no refills and I had to come in.

I called the gyno office and I said that I messed up, could I see the doctor at her next available appointment and get a month’s Worth of medicine. This is SUPER customary where I use to live. Now, it’s not for abuse. But if you are an established patient and simply made a mistake or there is some unusual circumstance, you can easily get a one month refill and come in ASAP.

Bottom line...they turned me down flat. The dr’s next appointment was Feb 11 which I took. They said I would have to go without hrt until then. They were fine with me suddenly going without the Hrt for one month.


So, as nice as I could, I told the person on the phone that this simply was unacceptable. They got me in with the assistant that day and phoned in two months of the script.

Now they are saying I must get a mammogram within two months.

Here’s the kicker...I had no blood test and they did not order one. They originally wanted me to do a pap, but when they found out my insurance might not cover it...they didn’t care if I got one or was up to me. So coming in was just a formality. No true medical reason for me to come in.

What do other doctor offices do if you are late coming in and need a refill? Like I said, my previous city ...the doctors there would give you one month of medications and then you would take an appointment with the doctor ASAP. They tried to help you not suddenly go without medication.

I’m kicking around checking out another gyno. As a side note...two neighbors hate this gyno and her staff but they wouldn’t tell me why. I find it all sooo weird. Possibly a ploy to make money with extra appointments. I know many wondered about this with the GP. Just weird.very unaccommodating. Bordering on dangerous. Thoughts?


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I used to work in he medical field for 25 years. Things have really changed in the last few years. I can see denying medications, until the patient is seen, if it's something patients abuse. Hormone replacement is not a red flag Rx.

If you have friends that don't like this doctor, trust them! Ksm


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I have been on the same medication for TWENTY years for a seizure disorder (Started having random seizures at 28 y/o). If I forget to refill, they act like I am a heroin addict. It isn't even a narcotic. LOL. I have to throw a fit and remind them that THEY have me on a seizure medication that they insist I take and I haven't had a seizure in fourteen years. They only schedule me twice a year and then act so appalled that it's been six months since I came in. It is all so ridiculous. I'm in Texas.

I can understand if the medications are abused but HRT? Seriously? Did you throw a fit when they all of the sudden didn't care about the pap? I'm a little feisty for you!

I would look up reviews on the gyno, You can bet there are reviews if ppl have bad experiences there.



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Just weird.very unaccommodating. Bordering on dangerous. Thoughts?

My thought is, look into other gynos.

I went 9 years without one. I just had my primary do my pap's and that was that. But he retired and I really don't like my new doctor much. I don't dislike her - we just don't "click". I finally decided I should have some issues looked at and went to a recommended women's clinic. I liked the doctor but for various reasons the pap was put off while other things were taken care of. Finally, the treatments all over, I stopped going. Had to see my primary for my annual physical and when they asked my last pap they were kind of horrified it had been 9 years! Since I was seeing the Nurse Practitioner I just said, "fine, let's do this".

They tell me that every 3 years is the recommended pap interval. Every two for the mammogram.

If I let something run out, the pharmacy has been known to give me like 2 pills and call the doctor for refill. They will do it but I have to make an appointment to come in after. I'm sure if I didn't, they'd refuse any other refills. I think that's pretty standard.


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Find a new gyno. This is ridiculous. Ask how they handle refills. Here the pharmacist calls in for refills, not the patient. All docs have a nurse who just does pharmacy and doctor calls. It is ridiculous to have to throw a fit and see someone to refill HRT UNLESS a patient has gone several years without an appointment. pap screen, mammogram. If your last mammogram was years ago, then you need one. If it was in the last year, insurance won't pay for it, so refuse to do it. Quietly tell them, "insurance refused to pay", but ONLY if they ask. My doctor's office gets results. but the doctor doesn't even look at them unless it is flagged as having a problem or something unusual. Real radiologists don't even read them unless there is a problem. A computer reads ALL radiology scans except ultrasound. That is scanned by a human eye and then the computer, but the human eye has usually told you it is okay before you leave. At least here.

I wouldn't put up with this nonsense for 2 minutes. It is not good quality medical care and I wouldn't trust them to identify a problem because they are forcing as many visits as possible to pad their own pockets. Because that is what is going on.


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I suspect it’s a money issue. She also forced me to get a mammogram when I had one last year. A friend who was in the insurance business told me sometimes there are incentive bonus (gifts) for doctors that book so many mammograms per year. A rewards program if sorts.

Lots of BS detected with this doctor and other docs here.
Almost the entire city is like this. I’m upset and baffled. A doctor shouldn’t be soooo worried about contests and scheduling unneeded appointments. Should be concerned about medicine and the health and care of their patients.

Most of my docs previously didn’t concern themselves with this petty stuff.