presidential candidate camp offered me job........

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    so i figured id' share this one, pretty interesting. i applied for job with XXXXX campaign yup i'm unemployed and searching........left job april for difficult child to care for her, yet it's time to make money.

    yet it's in battleground states......i looked up on net which one's those were this time, and their not here.........ugh that is in new york.

    anyhow i sent my resume over a week ago via email and got two calls today from xxxx camp they call it, too cool. i didn't answer, because yes i am strange if i dont' know number is dont answer. iv'e got difficult child's schools in lock mode most of day.

    anyhow, i returned call we're playing phone tag but they want me for 5 weeks in battleground state, wherever that is to spread they want me in the city next weekend to train.

    i'd love to go, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, who knows what could come from it, yet does anyone know any state near new york that's battleground?? lol closest i could come up with was fla. and well virginia at this point.

    wish i could do it, i need to be excited by something right now :)
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    Congratulations on your job! I've edited out your candidate's name because we don't discuss politics, but would like to leave the thread open so you can get congratulated properly. Swing states could be: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, etc. Google 2008 battleground states for a complete list.
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    That sounds like an interesting job!
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    Looks like PA might be the closest one...... can you leave your family for 5 weeks?...... Can't imagine they pay that much, but if you can take the time away from your home it could be a good break and would look good on a resume......
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    I'm so sorry i've been drinking too much coffee for days staying up for difficult child!! i was just typing away name of

    congratulated? thanks, but it pays minimal, i too thought of how it would look on a resume, plus the people you could meet and come in contact with you never know maybe a job could come from it. job markets worse than it's ever been.

    yes i did the list on the net, it just didn't include pa. i forgot that one, thanks!! if i could take difficult child's with me than yup i'd go! i'd love a trip for 5 weeks with them......

    we shall see. thanks for the info though! :)