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    I took difficult child to her house arrest PO. I have to sit in the truck with Connor because children are not allowed in there. Out comes difficult child with a police officer towards the truck and I am worried asking myself wth?? I had just watched someone else go to jail directly from the probation office. So her and the officer come over and she is showing him the baby. He turned to me and told me he was the one responsible for her being on probation. I gave him a funny look and he explained that he was the one that arrested her! So I gave him a high five. :D

    He was grinning ear to ear looking at difficult child. He told me that he didn't even recognize her in the office - she had to tell him who she was and then he was floored. He was telling her how proud he was of her and that he knew she could turn it around. She was grinning, he was grinning and I was She told him it was the best thing that could have happened.

    We had a good coversation. I found out some things. Like the night she got arrested she was covered in bruises all over her face. She said her and M were beating the **** out of each other. What man fights back with a woman??? The man is in his thirties - I don't give a hoot how worked up difficult child is, you WALK AWAY. The POS is much safer in prison. And as difficult child was sitting in the police car, up pulls the other girlfriend that he got pregnant - she gets out of the car, M and her kiss and walk into the motel room together. The police were trying to get difficult child to give them info on him - they said they would let her go if she gave them something. She wouldn't and so she went to jail and here we are...

    On another note - difficult child turned 20 yesterday. She kept looking at Connor and telling him he was the BEST birthday gift she could have ever asked for. :) Things are still very, very good here. <3
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    Maybe her not giving the police information about the sperm donor worked in her favor in the end. If they had let her go she might not have made the decision to get clean once Connor was born. I'm really proud of her. She's done a huge amount of work and growing since he was born and I really do think that she can make it.
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    I'm really, really proud of her, PG! I've seen pics... She is so, so beautiful! It is easy to see where little Connor gets his looks!
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    That is exactly what she said. She is grateful for going to jail. She now sees why it had to be done. She is going to make it - I know it. For the first time, I truly believe she is done with that junk...she is loving the life she has now. She is just lonely. I am hoping once she gets a job she will meet new friends since she doesn't talk to anyone anymore. I need to see if there is a single moms group or something in our area...
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    PG it just totally warms my heart (and gives me hope) to hear how well your difficult child is doing. Sounds like having Connor was the motivation she needed to get and stay clean and that is just wonderful. I am very happy for you.

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    Thank you!!! I am VERY proud of her and I make sure to tell her that! Not only with not living that lifestyle anymore, but her maturity and the way she carries herself now. As she says, she is a mother now. ;)

    It is EXACTLY like my best friend said - difficult child is hardcore about everything she sets her mind to. When she was bad, she had to be the best bad *ss around. And now that she has decided to be a mother, she will be an awesome mother.

    I plan on telling the court how well she is doing next Friday. She should get out of house arrest that day, thank heavens. Her being on house arrest seems so silly now, but we had no idea she would change so dramatically. She has goals - get off house arrest, get a job working nights, save for vehicle then save for own apartment. She will get there. I have :)
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    I am always so happy to see a post from you PG, it warms my heart..........I am thrilled for all of you......(.would love to see a picture of that little grandson of yours!!!)
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    How do I post a picture on here? I would love to!! :)
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    Sending smiles your way. DDD
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    PG I'm so happy read this update. Your difficult child may be one of those who really got the wakeup call. I'm sure the police officer was happy to see her progress also. I remember when the juvenile detective that dealt with my difficult child all those years came upon difficult child one day and found out how well she was doing he said that is what makes his job satisfying, to see those that really change their life.

    I would love to see a picture.
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    Me too!! I want to see a picture. And I have been following. I'm so proud of her!
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    Awww. I just want to drive to your house and give your difficult child a huge hug. I'm sorry that she is feeling lonely but that won't last long if she gets involved in other "mom stuff" and meets positive people. I'm so happy for ALL of you. Connor is a lucky boy and difficult child is soooooo very, very blessed to have you helping her out. ((hugs))
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    Hi PG,
    All of this puts a smile on my face.
    I am so happy to hear how difficult child is doing and glad she is making goals for the future as well.

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    I can't believe I missed this post until now! What a totally GREAT update! Sounds like she is ready to be the person she always was inside!

    When my daughter first quit using drugs, she was lonely all the time. Really, part of the reason my daughter took drugs at all, per her words, is because she hated being so shy with other people. She is still shy and still doesn't have tons of friends, but she has a few friends and a SO of ten plus years. I think a lot of our kids start using drugs to help them "fit in" even in a "bad" crowd because it beats NO crowd.

    Maybe your daughter, when Connor is a bit older, can make friends with other moms by taking her son to mom/kid classes. I remember making friends that way. When you're a mom, the ways to meet others are endless!!!!

    I am so thrilled for you!!!! The fact that she is only twenty and is turning it around gives me high hopes. She is still soooooooooo young and her bad behavior could have been a passing phase, as it was with my daughter. Hooray for her!!!!!!

    You can post a link to one of your photo albums if you want to show us all your little man. At least, I think I did that once to show off...lolol. Big hugs!!!!
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    Such good news PG. Our stories are oh so similar. Sweet Bets also says that going to jail turned her life around. And then to be blessed with Tessa 10 months later, was the best. She is still sober, 18 months later and a wonderful mother and a beautiful person. There is no greater blessing that to get our children back. So very very happy for you all!

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    PG, I checked in with the other moderators about posting a picture and the way it stands is that people upload pics to photobucket or another public image service and post a link to those photos on our forum. Then the mods usually delete those links after a week or 2 to protect the child's future privacy concerns.

    Hope that helps. Looks like a lot of us want to see that precious grandson of yours!

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    Let's try this:
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    Oh boy PG, thank you! He is so precious and so loved, your daughter has that 'look of love' and it's captured on film............... I just want to reach in and hold that little are so fortunate.
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    Loved the pics!
    Your daughter is so pretty and Connor is just as precious as he can be.

    Thanks for sharing,