Pretty Smart Kid!


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... if you can still call a 26-year old a "kid"! But my son is pretty slick! He obviously gets it from me! :grin: He lives and breathes CARS! And if you ever want to find him, just look at the drag strip! One of those with motor oil in their veins!

Right after he got out of high school he bought a really nice '69 Chevelle Malibu. This car is his "baby". If he were starving, he would eat grass and dirt before he would sell this car! He loves it that much! It still has the original maroon paint job and original upholstery - a really sweet car. It gets about 8 mpg and he doesn't even care!

So now he's working on it again and found that there was about $800 worth of parts that he needs/wants - hard to find the original old parts and the repros in the catalogs are very expensive. Then he found ANOTHER Chevelle, same model and year. It's a wrecked, rusted piece of junk that nobody wanted, but it just happened to have all the parts he needed! So he bought it and salvaged all the parts off of it that he needed, even some that he thought he might need in the future! Then he took the "carcass" to the auto crusher and sold it for scrap metal - and they paid him almost to the dollar what he paid for the junk car in the first place! They pay by the pound and those old muscle cars were HEAVY! So he basically got his $800 worth of original parts FREE!

On my bulletin board at work I still have a Mother's Day card that he gave me several years ago. There's a little cartoon guy on the front and it says, "Mom, you have to admit, I turned out pretty well!" And on the inside it says, " ... especially considering that I had 50% of <u>Dad's</u> genes to overcome!" Only he and I knew that it wasn't really a joke! :grin: That's my boy!

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My husband restores old cars. He does the same thing. Buys the cheap one for parts and strips it down. Sells the car as scrap when he has the parts he needs. Tell your son ebay is also a great place to buy and sell parts and junk yards are a great place to get parts as well.

Sometimes as in our case with our classic 1968 Firebird, there will be a parts catalog made especially for that car.

Has he thought about doing the car shows and cruises? Their fun :smile:

Good job your son doing that at his age :bravo: