Preventative mastectomy...anyone have breast surgery at all?


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I had one when I was 43 so obviously I was younger. I had a Stage 0, which is very early and non-invasive, but I am a worrier and did not ever want to worry about that breast again. I asked for a double mastectomy because I knew I was at greater risk in the other one now too, but was told my insurance wouldn't cover it so I didn't have one.

The mastectomy was a simple one with no nodes or muscle tissue and I recovered in a wink and a blink.

Last time I went for a mammo, I had to have a regular mammo, then they called me back for a larger one, then they called me back for another test (forgot name), then a sonogram then a biopsy. This was all in the same day. I was sure I had cancer. I was really scared. I had breasts changes...more microcalifications which hadn't been there before and an enlarged lymph node, but it actually turned out to be NO cancer after all that.

Mammos have scared me since the stage 0 so I decided after this to have the other breast removed. I am very determined and sure. I saw the surgeon and recon surgeon yesterday and felt very positive. I still feel positive, but I am a little timid now. I am not 43. I am 61. I'm still healthy and thin and in good shape. If anyone has had a mastectomy, can you share how the surgery went and how fast you healed? I read it could be five or six hours of surgery with recon right after and I do want to recon. It's just to match the one boob up with the other which had recon years ago, nothing fancy. I don't need huge perky breasts at MY

If anyone has any feedback or can help, I'd appreciate it. This will be scheduled for mid-February. I wanted to have it done during a yukky time of the year when there are no big holidays. All of you are always so helpful I am reaching out.My surgeon told me that if I had had one breast removed in 2014-15, they'd have consented to do both and that this is normal these days and insurance covers it. Lucky me. I had the first surgery too early

I did not ever once feel less of a woman without the breast and I'm sure I will be able to say an easy good-bye to this one too.


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I did it at age 36 after having cancer in one breast at age 34. I never ever regretted it. It was such a relief !!! Why have the other one? Mine was so ugly hanging there all by itself. I never wear a prosthetic. I love being flat chested bras or worry.


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No, I've had a lumpectomy but it was simple, like the surgery you described. So I am not doing anything and am not worrying.
If I had the infamous gene in my family, I'd do a double or even single, but my dna does not match. Yay!
It's up to you.
Personally, I go by the motto, "If it's not broken, don't fix it."
And I'm wondering ... since you first said you were certain, and now you're not certain...
Wish I could be of more help.


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Oh, I won't be sorry. I'm having it done. I've been wanting it since the first time. I just kind of forgot what I went through...I know it wasn't that bad, but I was much younger then. I just wanted to see if anyone had recent surgery...but my mind is made up. I never want to have a mammo again in my life.

I don't have the gene. I was tested.
My sister, now 63, had breast cancer when she was 50, and had one breast removed. Within a year or so, and after a questionable mammogram, she decided to have the second one removed. She said the same thing you did, that in retrospect she wished she had them both removed at the same time.

A few years ago she decided to be tested for the breast cancer gene mutation, just so she/we would know if it was in the family or not. She tested positive for the gene mutation.

I went in to Boston for genetic counseling and testing, and my results were that I do not carry the mutation.

Her daughter, then age 41 got tested and she found out that she does carry the mutation, so she had a preventative double mastectomy. This was about 2 years ago. I went to NJ to help her out, and healed surprising well, within a very short period of time. But she did say, and I could see for myself, that she was in a good bit of pain the first few days. Little by little she was able to move her arms above her head without pain. She was so scared to do it, but she was brave and made the right decision for her own peace of mind.

I hope that your surgery and recovery are as easy as possible. :staystrong:


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Thanks for the post :) I am going in brave and determined, as I did twenty years ago the first time, and don't expect it to be that bad. I had it done before. This is a high risk breast and I will be happy to see it go. I'm not even really that scared as I had it done once and know the ropes.

Thanks again for your post.