Procedure for ending school services

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by SRL, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Somewhere (here?) I'd read that there was a process to go through for ending services that involved the school providing proof services were no longer needed.

    If there is such a procedure, is there a shortcut if both parent and school are in agreement?

    I never thougth I'd be saying this 5 years ago when I arrived and we were ramping up services in a hurry, but the time has come. :cutie_pie: No educational impact for 2 years, grades mostly A's with a few B+'s thrown in, socially doing well, involved in school activities. The school has done all that's needed, and even beyond what they were required to do by law.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    When difficult child 2 was released from speech therapy at school, his case manager (the speech therapist) had me sign a standard form indicating goals had been met and he was being released. I'll have to see if I can dig it out to find the name of it. I imagine it's similar where you live.

    That's great that your difficult child has "graduated" from this!
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    There's suppose to be a reevaluation. However, if a parent is ok with the reevaluation being a "review of available data," I suspect that just a consensus on the IEP team will be all that is needed.

    You have a great district!

    And Way To Go, difficult child!

    PS: You might want to consider phasing him out, e.g., removing supports a bit at a time instead of suddenly.
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    Thanks gcvmom and Sheila.

    The only supports that have been utilized in the past 2 1/2 years have been extra flexibility on the part of teachers at the beginning of the year regarding homework, and that only occasional and because it took a little while to get into the routine. They also honored my request for teachers for his core subject areas. Outside of that, there's been no services or accomodations needed (although they were there on paper ie consultation). This year's IEP was only in place to cover the transition to the junior high.

    I'll make sure to address those at the meeting, but I'm confident the school will work with me on those, if the need arises.
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    Way To Go!!! Ending services is a really huge step.

    There is supposed to be an evaluation (except for h.s. graduation or "aging out") but I agree with Sheila that a review of existing data and IEP goals could be used instead with your consent.

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    I wanted to give an update: we mutually decided to go ahead and leave a minimal IEP in place until next year when the trienniel review is scheduled, and then reevaluate at that time. This year was an absolutely perfect student-teacher match up (flexible, interesting, challenging teachers) and it probably won't be as perfect next year so we'll get a better feel for if those few accomodations would still be beneficial out in what will more closely parallel future teachers.

    As long as they were willing, I wasn't going to put up a fuss. Since so much of what gets reported here is about problems with the districts I wanted to toss in my positive report. A lot of school districts would have dropped services several years ago.

    Another question--does the educational label show up anywhere on records that might go out to colleges, such as HS transcripts?