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    beware, I am not sure I should even post this here, but
    I guess I'll try. Mods feel free to remove /edit if necessary.

    I don't even know what to call these websites.
    Sick. Beware. I am not linking it.

    So difficult child 1 has a terrible terrible article posted about him
    there. 2 Pictures of him are included.
    Friends of youngest are all talking about it, and
    I found it through youngest friends face book posts.

    I'll skip over the list of things said, lets just say that
    some is true, some seems mean, some seems childish,
    some mentions more illegal activity, lots of treating
    girls badly & stalking, fighting, difficult child 1's drug using, mental
    breakdowns (crying in the bars), being thrown out of
    these bars, etc. It's very very painful to see/read.

    Also, its terrible to see them talking and asking about
    the one picture which as a girl with difficult child. They speak
    about her looks and her weight in a very derogatory tone.
    Then difficult child 1 posts something like this...

    difficult child 1 also struggles with all of these "allegations" and
    tries to defend his "interests" with the new girlfriend at the time.

    He ends the page with something like this

    Middle was also referred to and the replies and
    comments were totally unbelievable. Even without
    name verification, I could pretty well tell who was
    who, and it surprised me even more so about what
    his friends and ?previous gfs? were also saying about him.

    I called his dad and directed him to the site.
    His dad said its no big deal. His dad said that he wasn't
    going to tell me what has occurred but that difficult child is
    no longer in the bars and he has turned over a new

    This website is the sort of place that I think causes more
    suicides. True or untrue, its painful and malicious.
    I emailed the website asking for the page to be removed.
    I am hoping they do. Wish me luck!
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    been there done that - it is awfully stressful. Keep an eye on difficult child.
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    Helpme- I removed the name of the site altogether... I don't think that filth should darken our doorstep. :winks: I hope you can have the page removed. You may also want to working on tracing links to the page on FB so you can report them and have the links removed.
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    This is my greatest fear. I set up facebook accounts for my younger three but I have the passwords. It is a great way to "see" what their friends are really like. I hope to be able to catch stuff like this quickly before it spirals out of control.